“Heaven Is for Real” Took In An Estimated $21.5 million

Religious movies have been hot at the box office this year

Inappropriate Reading Assignments

Elementary Students given an adult-themed assignment on topics like infidelity and a mother losing her […]

What Older Adults Can Do For Your Youth Ministry

Your church may have adults who would gladly accept your call to invest in the […]

The Culture Of Political Correctness Has Stifled Religious Freedom

If you are pro-life, then you’re anti-woman. If you’re pro-traditional marriage, then you’re homophobic

“Kid’s Lucky To Be Alive”

Teen Runaway Survives Flight To Hawaii In Wheel Well

7 Dangerous Apps That Parents Need To Know About

Just to keep you aware of…

Brand Names That Appear In NY Standardized Tests Vex Parents

“Education, religion and civic life are places where brands are unwelcome,”

‘Punished For Teaching Science’

Popular Teacher Suspended for ‘Research and Development of Imitation Weapons’

The Teen Brain. . . Figuring It Out. . .

A fascinating video that offers insights into the workings of the teen brain

2 Growing Trends In Youth Ministry Or Is It Just Me?

I asked MarkO, April and Steve to Agree, Agreeish, Disagree or Disagreeish with each statement […]

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

NPR News

13 Things “Big Church” Must Learn from Youth Ministry

Mel Walker

For Many Teens Formal Sex Education Is Too Late

83% of teen girls who were sexually experienced didn’t get sex education until they’d lost […]

What’s Hot In Youth Culture Today?

by Jim Liebelt

New Jersey Man Saves Kids After Mom Drives Van Into River

Police said Joann Smith, of Florence, tried to drown the three children, ages 13 to […]