Love Is

Love is to be celebrated but not worshiped. It is easy in our culture to […]

Youth Workers Remain Strong

Without an anchor, we drift along with the prevailing winds of the spirit of the […]

Inside The Weird World Of YouTuber Burnout…Belonging

What’s it like to have millions of fans when you’re 10? What’s it like to […]

Teens Editing Themselves

A photo series has shown the lengths some young people go to to edit their […]

Why We Ought To Reimagine Youth Ministry

If we don’t reach our kids with the gospel by middle school, we have already […]

Teen Convicted In Text Suicide Case Headed To Jail

Involuntary manslaughter conviction where an absent defendant, with words alone, encouraged another person to commit […]

Flashback: Plastic Surgery To Look Like Snapchat Filters

“A new phenomenon called ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ Patients are seeking out surgery to help them appear […]

Grammys 2019 And Drake’s Speech

Complete winners list

Witches of the social media generation

Meet three witches who believe the social media era is transforming the way people view […]

Battle Ready?

George Lockhart

Obesity-Related Cancers Rising Fastest Among Millennials

If the obesity epidemic continues, fat-sensitive cancers will explode in the years to come

High School Crowd Sings National Anthem

The recording of the national anthem wasn’t able to play before North Polk and Roland-Story […]

Book: “Future Faith”

Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century”

Campus Ministry Link: HS Students To College Ministry

Connect your high school students to a campus ministry

Soul Provider: Barefoot With A Cause

Middle school student steps out in faith to help out children in Ghana