Close Family Ties In Childhood Can Stave Off Mental Illness

Those who experienced positive adolescent family relationships had significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms from […]

‘Weed Moms’ Are The New ‘Wine Moms’

Marijuana-using moms are stepping out of the shadows and proudly extolling the virtues of cannabis

Mental Health: Impact Of Social Media On Young People

It emerges that Instagram is the social media platform with the most negative effect on […]

What Middle Schooler‘s Are Like

I have worked with middle school students in educational, athletic, and ministry settings for more […]

10% Of Christian Twentysomethings Have Resilient Faith

There are four kinds of twentysomething “exiles” making their way in our current day and […]

3 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit New Highs In US

More than 1.7 million cases of chlamydi, About 580,000 gonorrhea cases, syphilis about 35,000 cases

Beto O’Rourke’s Plan To Destroy Churches

The government…. signaled that Christian schools may soon be treated like racists for …view of […]

Suicide Prevention

Insights and resources for parents and youth workers

Elem. Student Against Question Comparing Girls’ Weight

Leading the curriculum company to apologize and remove the question from their materials

FIRED! Part 3

The Spouse

FIRED! Part 2

The Redemption Story

FIRED! Part 1: Lies They Say When They Let You Go

FIRED! 5 Lies You Are Told When You Are Let Go From A Church

The Youth Pastor Compensation Survey 2019

One way you can help out your brothers and sisters is by sharing this survey […]

Book: Growing With

Access a wealth of tools to help you nurture faith and family relationships when you […]

Book: “Future Faith”

Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century”