Real Parents, Real Talk About Kids And Screens…Values

Research continues to provide some answers on how parents are navigating this world

Parents Confess The Lies They’ve Told Their Children In Awkward Situations

I just told a four year old that tic tacs were medicine so I wouldn’t […]

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Mumps Outbreaks Are Worst In A Decade…College Campuses Hit Hard

Spreads through saliva and mucus; transmitted by an infected person coughing, sneezing or talking, or […]

Teens Tell All: Your Guide To Teen Slang, From Bae To Woke

As part of TODAY’s “Teens Tell All” series, we asked adolescents to enlighten the older […]

New Smutty “One Finger Challenge” Going Viral

The “one finger challenge” is an emerging, risqué social media fad where people are taking […]

Students Want ‘Sanctuary’ From Student Loans, Final Exams And Drinking Laws

Throughout the day, Campus Reform spoke with just one student who refused to support the […]

Most Students Don’t Know When News is Fake

Stanford University study finds that they are often clueless about evaluating the accuracy and trustworthiness […]

MTV Crisis As Millennial Viewers Vanish…

MTV is down 11% among 18-34 demographic it has suffered from creative inconsistencies. MTV has […]

Netflix: We’ll Double Number Of Original Series In 2017

Next year Netflix’s original programming lineup will grow to up to 1,000 hours, more than […]

Snoop Dogg Slams Colin Kaepernick For Castro Praise…

Says choose between football, revolution

Next: Why Church?

Our students are finding that the local body of believers is often at odds with […]

Children’s Book: ‘Take Heart, My Child’

How Ainsley Earhardt’s dad inspired ‘Take Heart, My Child’

Study: The State Of Youth Ministry

The findings of three nationwide studies. What’s going on in youth group? And is it […]

6 Strategies To Help Young People Discover And Love Your Church

Ed Stetzer