See You at the Pole Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Prepare for Your See You at the Pole Gathering

3 Things You Will Want to Have Ready for Parents

A few things I have found to be helpful as you get ready to kick […]

What You Should Know About Gen Z And Branded Video

Gen Z includes those born after 1995 (some say 2000s), which accounts for 2 billion […]

Six Steps to Helping Students Overcome Struggles

TIM ELMORE: What Must We Do to Change Our Ways?

Why Adults Render Kids Helpless

What the Trends in Games Teach Us About Kids Today and do parents view “struggle” […]

Teen Trends: Summer of 2014

Dave Rozman

Navy Kicks Out 34 For Nuke Test Cheating

The 68 implicated sailors are in addition to the 10 whom Richardson said are believed […]

Flashback: Students Still Cheating

Studies Find More Students Cheating

Why Peer-To-Peer Selling Is Taking Off And What Companies Can Learn From It

Selling is not just a way of for teens to monetize their social networks; it’s […]

“Baby Got Class!”

Hilarious Video On Starting A New School Year

New Toyota Minivan Will Make It Easier For Drivers To Yell At Their Kids

Driver Easy Speak, a system that amplifies parents’ voices, enabling them to be heard over […]

Mom Comes Up With An app That Locks Her Kids’ Phones Until They Call Her Back

“Now you have their attention. Ignore No More is an easy to install app that […]

The App That Will Change How You Do Youth Ministry

Track attendance for events, monitor attendance trends over time by gender and school, and create […]

One Vital Question that will Transform Your Teaching

Do the work of connecting these to students’ lives in new and compelling ways—ways that […]

10 Of The Biggest Lies Students Hear Before They Get To College

We’ve collected some of the best answers