4 Back To School Basics Talk

Hope this helps students to live as #ONESENT as they enter a new year of […]

Summer Student Shares

We’re very proud of Cole and all those who served with us this summer! Pray […]

How Having Smartphones (or not) Shapes The Way Teens Communicate

Non-smartphone-using teens are more likely to keep in touch with their closest friend via social […]

Transition Is All Hard … No, It’s Not

by April Diaz

Education Group ‘Taking Action’ Against MTV And Miley Cyrus

MTV rates the program as appropriate for fourteen-year-olds despite the presence of adult content

Miley’s VMA Reprise

Jonathan Mckee

Trend: Seminarians Pick Schools Based On Location Than Doctrine

The younger generation..strong desire to be more connected to the local church and not to […]

Frat Suspended For Offensive Banners

Frat Greets Parents bringing their freshmen students during move-in with banner “freshman daughter drop off”

A Back To School Quiet Time For Students

Download the Quiet Time to help students get started for this school year

Flashback: 2 Questions You Need 2 Consider When Partnering With Parents

These 2 questions may not seem spiritual. In fact, they may not even seem relevant […]

Flashback: Caffeine Affects Teen Boys More

About 73% of children have some kind of caffeine daily

A New Craze Has People ‘Vaping’ Caffeine

The New York Times described the experience as “Red Bull for the lungs.”

How Instagram Is Changing The Way Brands Look At Photography

Top ad platforms have had to move away from traditional designs in favor of content […]

Teenage Girl Takes Her Senior Portraits At Taco Bell

This Girl’s Senior Photos At Taco Bell Are A Work Of Art

High School Softball Player’s Trick Shot Goes Viral

Reaching over 6 millions views