Inflation Reduction Act Could Hurt Poor, Middle Class The Most

Audits which, according to recent studies, would likely impact lower-income and middle-class taxpayers the most

Mistakes Dads Make When Approaching A Serious Subject

“If you haven’t connected relationally with your kids, it’s best to hold off on addressing […]

The Unexpected Parenting Comfort Of Ecclesiastes

Our task is not to raise children who are safe, but to raise children who […]

Hello Helicopter Dad….

There are many times I need to step back and allow my kids to go […]

Christian Men And Their Godly Moms

Timothy was a man of the Word because he had been raised by a woman […]

Transgender Researcher Funded by Puberty Blocker Manufacturer

Jack Turban, who performed a study claiming that puberty blockers are safe, has received at […]

Conversations Every Parent Is Scared Of

One day you’re holding a new baby—The next thing you know that baby is running […]

Contaminated: The Fentanyl Crisis In St. Louis

Open border policies mean more illegal drugs on American streets. Fentanyl is the most lethal […]

Book: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

It’s Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature


Sign up for on-demand access to this 3-part video series from pastor and award-winning author […]

Update And Re-release Of A Parenting Classic Book, Age of Opportunity:

Paul David Tripp’s Book: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens

Awesome Children’s Ministry Book: Lead Me To Zion

Teaching Covenant Theology to covenant children ages 4 to 8. By Heather Molendyk

Film Trailer: What Is A Woman…

The Left claims that traditional cultures have fluid notions of gender. That’s… not exactly what […]

Did You Get A Raise? Do The Inflation #’s Show It?

Youth Pastor Compensation Update with Dan Navarra

Book: A Student’s Guide To Justification

Justification is part of the grand story of God’s love and salvation that is unfolded […]