Christian Student Clubs Winning Over Discrimination

Christian student clubs continue to prevail in court against the unjust religious discrimination of university […]

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How Gen Z Feels About Spiritual Conversations

Barna Study

A Model Of Leadership Your Kids Need

“It is a learned ability to influence the attitudes and behavior of others.”

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Liberal Christianity never really goes away. Be able to distinguish the true faith from the […]

Police: Youth Pastor Was Attempting To Have Sex W/Teen

… at a hotel room he had rented when a maid accidentally stopped him

Book: Surviving Religion 101-Keeping The Faith In College

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I believe four core values are key in cultivating a thriving youth ministry — real, […]

Shocking Child Sex Trafficking Documentary

All perpetrators shown in this documentary have been prosecuted and convicted

Lecture 1: “Asking The Right Questions”

Anyone in Christian ministry should listen to all 8 (lectures) particular anyone in student ministry

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The national average youth pastor salary for 2021, ways to calculate your state’s cost of […]