More Time On Smartphones….Higher Suicide Risk

Suicide rate among teens as well as the number of adolescents diagnosed with depression jumped […]

Copycat Child Suicide?

Did An 8-Year-Old New Jersey Girl Hang Herself After Seeing Ashawnty Davis’ Story?

Budgeting Basics: Crafting Your Budget Proposal

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20 Memorable Family Christmas Traditions

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Book: Growing Up Social

Being a parent is hard. So, too, is navigating technology and screen time with young children.

Budgeting Basics: Revenue Streams

Once you’ve translated your dreams into numbers, the next step in crafting your budget proposal […]

Budgeting Basics: Translating Dreams Into Numbers

What programs, initiatives, events, conferences, training, and trips would enable you to take your ministry […]

I Thought I was Focused

I Thought I Was Focused but I wasn’t

Empowering Teens To Be World Changers

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Walmart Is Selling A Marijuana Christmas Tree

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Teenage Depression

Five Warning Signs of Teenage Depression

Soul Provider

Youth Doing Ministry…. Youth groups please help out Ashley as  she helps out children in […]

Book: iGen

Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up..Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means […]

Book: A Practical Guide To Culture….Values

Helping The Next Generation Navigate Today’s World