Small Church Youth Ministry Ideas

Ideas to Help Your Teen Program Thrive


By Walt Mueller

Tell America You Want PragerU In Schools!

Facts, and achievement are no longer a focus. Sign the petition to allow PragerU in schools!

Trans Player ‘Injures 3 Female Opponents’ Shocking Video

When the coach saw three more go down in the first half leaving him with […]

The State of Kids and Families in America 2024

For over 20 years we have been helping parents, educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and more […]

Viral: Teen Car Wash Worker Retaliates At Rude Customer

Teen car wash worker has lemonade hurled at her, retaliates by spraying pressure hose at […]

Migrant Teens Behind ‘Heinous’ Crimes Against Americans?

HHS Chief Xavier Becerra Subpoenaed for Records on Migrant Teens Behind ‘Heinous’ Crimes Against Americans

How the Average Kid Gets Sex Trafficked

Top 6 Ways to Protect Them

Sk8r The Trans Movement Is Erasing Women In Sports

Sk8r Taylor Silverman: The Trans Movement Is Erasing Women in Sports

What Makes A Bible Translation Bad?

by Mark Ward

Book: Parenting Ahead..Preparing Now For The Teen Years

learn to practice redemptive parenting where their children grow to see the world through a […]

Belonging Before Anything Else In Youth Group

Help nonbelievers students know they belong in your group

How To Teach Theologically At Youth Group

How can youth leaders teach theologically without talking over students’ heads? Here are a few […]

Parenting Book: Does God Care About Gender Identity?

By Samuel D. Ferguson. A short and concise biblical exploration of gender identity

The Book “Irreversible Damage”

Seducing Our Daughters’ the impact transgenderism is having on girls