No Jesus. No justice.

Greg Stier

Youth Minister Out Of Hospital After Double Lung Transplant

“I used to do gang ministry, life-and-death was always a reality but this became very […]

Art therapy Provides Teens With A Lifeline

A night that could have ended in trouble for two teens evolved into a program […]

3 Tasks You Have To Add To Your Summer Calendar

While summer is a great time to change things, it can also be a missed […]

The Not-So-Hidden Effects Of Porn

The Habit May Be Secret…But Not Its Consequences

Book: ‘An Other Kingdom’

…a powerful call to depart the consumer culture and return to a neighborly covenant culture

Public Speaking in the Church: The Amazing Power of Stories

[Series] by Rachel Blom

Marijuana Use Among Teens Declines Despite Widespread Legalization

National Survey on Drug Use and Health: A survey of more than 216,000 adolescents from […]

Our Constitutional Right To Privacy Is Missing From Bathroom Debate

So before we sacrifice this constitutionally protected right at the altar of gender identity politics, […]

The Values Driving My Churchs Middle School Ministry In This Season


Cops Pull Over Minivan Full of Drinking, Smoking Amish Teens Going 110 MPH

Troopers said that as they caught up with the speeding vehicle, they observed the teens […]

City Reportedly Forcing Cops To Provide Security For Beyonce

President of the Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police speaks out about boycott

We Are Helping Orphans In India

V2H (The Youth Culture Report) is in partnership with Sion Assembly Church in India. We […]

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Please Help Out…. Catalyst Hip-Hop Missionary Joel

Joel Stigale is a missionary with Miami Youth for Christ who has dedicated his life […]