Teens Criticized For Giving Students Freedom Over Whether To Say Pledge Of Allegiance

We are not doing this because we hate America. We are really doing this because […]

What I Don’t Understand About Fifty Shades of Grey

by Craig Gross From XXXChurch

Book: “Disciple

The Ordinary Person’s Guide To Discipling Teenagers”

Pro-Common Core Myths Debunked

the standards are rigorous and internationally benchmarked—the fact is that none of these things are […]

Why Are homeless LGBTQ Youth Trading Sex For Shelter?

“Survival sex”—national estimates range from 10 to 50 percent

Alcohol Ads Influence Children To Drink

Booze ads reach kids far younger than the legal drinking age

Vancouver: ‘Happy’ Youth

The survey, completed by 29,832 students in Grades 7-12 most reported being in good physical […]

Internet Addicted Teen Cuts Hand Off

As high as 14 percent of youth in China may be addicted

Keep Youth Ministry Weird

by Adam McLane

Reddit Cracks Down On Nude Photos

Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman and attorney Paul Millus discuss new policy

New Trends For Selfies

Does Sharing Lead to Struggling?

Authorities Scramble To Find Teen Girls Before They Join ISIS


“Viral” Suicide

At least three transgender teenagers have committed or attempted suicide after scheduling suicide notes on […]

Mexican-American kids With Undocumented Parents At Risk For Social Problems

To a lesser degree…behavioral issues like acting out at school or arguing with parents

The Two Most Important Things I’m Doing in My Youth Ministry

Stephen Ingram