Teens Attack, Hospitalize Innocent Man For Doing Good

Bus-riding teens cheering on a fight between two women pummel the guy who breaks it […]

Taylor Swift Makes Unprecedented Move On Instagram

Yesterday, a girl was being bullied on her Instagram account and Taylor Swift posted this

3 Surprising Things I Do To Prepare To Speak To Kids

“he (Bohoeffer)often said that if one couldn’t communicate the most profound ideas about God and […]

“Don’t Be A Lab Rat.” The Best Legalized Pot State Has For Teens

Colorado Tries Hard To Convince Teens That Pot Is Bad For You

Teens Getting High A Little Less Often; No One Knows Why

…but marijuana use remained constant with teens

Watch D6 Dallas Live

Greg Stier, Ted Cunningham, Yancey Arrington, Lydia Randall, Brian Haynes, Walker Moore

7th Grade A 30-Day Devotional: Growing Your Faith

A 30-Day Devotional: Growing Your Faith..It’s a year filled with transformation and transition. The world […]

US: Generation Stress?

How anxiety rules the secret life of teens

Flashback: UK: Generation Stress

Thousands of children aged 10 and under are being treated for depression, stress and anxiety

3 Reasons You MUST See “Boyhood”

“Boyhood” Filmed over 12 consecutive years… I would encourage every person who cares about children, […]

Parent Ministry

Who’s the Hero? (Part 3)

How Millennials Require Us to Design the Technologies of Tomorrow

Here are things businesses and website designers should keep in mind to provide millennials with […]

85% Of Millennials In The US (18-24) Own Smartphones

Smartphones have become the staple of everyday life and the on-the-go tool of choice for […]

Suicide By The Numbers

What are the statistics behind suicide, and how can you tell if you or someone […]

Mortal Kombat X

Definitely the most violent video game ad I’ve ever seen. Not only do you hear […]