College Prep

What to Expect in Life’s Next Chapter

Youth Group Games

The  Source for youth ministry

Dealing With Your Angry Teen

Here’s some tips how to deal with angry teens

What We Can Learn From The Greatest Generation

Here are 5 things we can learn from them to help strengthen today’s society.

Experts Warn Of Teens’ Secret Digital Lives

He (Dad) was floored when his two teens told him about some of the sneaky […]

5 Stats On How Teens Use Technology

Pew Research Center published a new study on how teenagers are using technology. It is […]

How To Debrief Your Summer Missions Trip

“It shouldn’t surprise us that students struggle to translate their mission trip into every day […]

How To Manage Your Child’s Electronic Usage This Summer

Eight helpful suggestions on how to manage your child’s electronic usage this summer–without becoming an […]

Deputy Shoots, Kills Alligator That Trapped Girl In Tree

The incident began when the girl spotted the alligator while rafting   deputy shoots, kills […]

10 apps That Help

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the App Store. To celebrate, here are 10 apps […]

Teens And Anxiety

By Walt Mueller

Skills Google Looks For In Graduates

The Seven Top Skills Google Now Looks for in Graduates

Book: “Future Faith”

Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century”

Campus Ministry Link: HS Students To College Ministry

Connect your high school students to a campus ministry

Soul Provider: Barefoot With A Cause

Middle school student steps out in faith to help out children in Ghana