Bad News For ADHD Teen Drivers

Teens with ADHD are significantly more likely to get into a car crash than their […]


In fact, that month-long stretch is actually a marker of my own spiritual weakness. Because […]

Grumpy Cat Dead

Died in the arms of her mommy at age 7

Helping Teens Sleep

Teens’ Sleep Problems Can Be Corrected by Limiting Screen Use for 1 Week


So after many seasons of making myself sick in a very real literal way to […]

Support same-sex parents plateaus

After a decade of almost continuous growth, the percentage of Americans who favor same-sex marriage […]

75 US Colleges Have Black-Only Graduation Ceremonies

Neo-segregation: 43% of colleges surveyed offer segregated residential halls

Teens, Romances Where the Couple Never Meets

Face to…screen

Reclaiming Friendship in the Social Media Age

Social media promises social connectedness, but it often delivers social isolation

Teens are using burner phones to stay connected

56% of teens feel anxious, upset or lonely without their phones

Campuses Ministries Working Together Like Never Before

EveryCampus ’ initiative, a national multi-organizational coalition focused on gospel movements on every campus in America […]

Hamas Cancels Classes So Children Can ‘Riot’ Against Israel

Susceptible to dehydration & heat-stroke. We call on Hamas to keep their children in school […]

Book: Growing With

Access a wealth of tools to help you nurture faith and family relationships when you […]

Book: “Future Faith”

Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century”

Campus Ministry Link: HS Students To College Ministry

Connect your high school students to a campus ministry