5 Tips For Reconnecting With Students

by Chris Marchland

Marine Just Issued An Epic Challenge To The Black Community And The Ferguson Rioters

We need to stop talking, acting..like thugs, and start talking, acting…like men. Stop making the […]

Florida City Makes It Illegal to Wear Your Pants Too Low

“We are tired of seeing young men of all descriptions… walking around with their pants […]

7 Steps To Deliver Top Notch Messages

If you do not know how to deliver a message to teenagers you’ll have a […]

Massive Hulk Dad Interrupts

Hulk Statue Creates A Stir During Flood News Coverage


Marko: Our middle school grade son seems to have no real friendships…Is this normal?

6 Tips for Creating Structure and Boundaries in Ministry

by Chris Mucha

4 Constant Reminders for Every Leader

Over and over I have to embrace these humbling ideas as I try to lead […]

Family Could Lose Home Over Son’s Drug Possession

Property can be seized by police without requiring a conviction — or even a criminal […]

MTV Bloodstained Hypocrisy of Hollywood’s Violence Profiteers

When it comes to holding themselves accountable for fostering black-on-black violence, Hollywood’s gangstas have adopted […]

Using Lots of Pot Turns Teens Dopey

…is not safe and may result in addiction and neurocognitive damage, especially in youth

Flashback: Obama: Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol

As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it […]

Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2018

For students entering college this fall in the Class of 2018 they were…

Teens Who Skimp On Sleep May Face Later Obesity Risk

Teens typically need around nine-and-one-quarter hours of sleep a night, according to the National Sleep […]

Review of Fuller Youth Institute’s Latest Book

This book is covered in grace…“Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, Grandma, or Grandpa, please know this: […]