Talking To Your Middle Schooler About Sex

This two-part blog on talking with your children about sexuality is more important now than […]

BLM Paid Family Members Large “Consulting” Fees

Patrisse Cullors used donated funds to pay her friends and family large “consulting” fees and […]

Black Lives Matter EXPOSED

Black Lives Matter spent millions on luxury properties

Books To Read For Your Middle Schooler

Parent Que…

Middle Schoolers Accused Of Sexual Pronouns Harassment

Middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for not using preferred pronouns, parents say

How To Thrive In The Second Half Of Your Marriage

Now is the Perfect Time to Reboot Your Marriage

Theology Of Healthy Sexuality

– Jim Burns

Chicago Mom Pleaded W/ Son, Not To Go-Now He’s Dead

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot cut $59 million from the police budget    

Teen Charged In Fentanyl Deaths Of Students

Texas Legislature that allows us to charge those who provide illegal narcotics that cause the […]

Awesome Children’s Ministry Book: Lead Me To Zion

Teaching Covenant Theology to covenant children ages 4 to 8. By Heather Molendyk

Book: Red, White, and Black…Black Triumphs In US History

Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers

Kids Book: Elephants Are Not Birds

Gender identity. Culture the Vulture convinces Kevin that his ability to sing is one that only […]

Did You Get A Raise? Do The Inflation #’s Show It?

Youth Pastor Compensation Update with Dan Navarra

Book: A Student’s Guide To Justification

Justification is part of the grand story of God’s love and salvation that is unfolded […]


The National Youth Pastor Compensation Survey has had well over 5,000 respondents over its lifetime.