2 Ways To Go LIVE On YouTube For Your Youth Ministry


Amid Coronavirus, Students Flock To Kahoot! And Duolingo

Amid coronavirus, students flock to Kahoot! and Duolingo. Is it the end of language teachers?

4 Lies Teens Believe About Vaping

Until our kids know the truth about vaping, they’ll continue to put themselves in danger.

Coronavirus Stress: More Booze, Pot, Porn And Chocolate

People will survive Covid-19, more of them might emerge with porn addictions, liver damage and […]

List Of Useful Apps For Ministers (Pandemic Edition)

These are some of the apps I have found to be extremely useful whether there […]

Children’s Mental Health Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

What You Need To Know

I Think We’re In The Greatest Revival In History

No better place to find hope than in the Bible and with your families. Spend […]

Tips For Navigating The COVID-19 Crisis At Home

Reassure them that anxiety during a public health crisis is normal. It is also normal […]

Young People’s Faith Doesn’t Grow In A Vacuum

Study: Religious upbringing given by both parents strengthens young people’s faith in God

Youth Ministry’s Golden Opportunity .. .

What Mueller

Podcast : Reaching The Next Generation

Shane discusses with Sean McDowell how we can pass on the faith to the next […]

Family Corona Quarantine Faith Formation Idea

A teaching tool to build your children in Christ

Coronavirus And The Church. A Helpful Strategic Website

Churches and ministry leaders as they prepare for and respond to Coronavirus in their congregations […]

Lent Bible Readings

Lent – a time for reflection, repentance, and renewal – when Christians are invited to […]

Doing Life With Your Adult Children

You know that parenting doesn’t stop when a child reaches the age of eighteen. In […]