Experimenting In Youth Retreating

one speaker couldn’t effectively produce content for all the kids who were entering into the […]

Smartphones, Tablets, And Laptops Could Cause ‘Digital Vision Syndrome’

Dr. Max Gomez


The creators of Snapchat are making digital prostitution for students an easy option with the […]

#NYWC: 5 Pressing Trends in Youth Ministry

Walt Mueller

#NYWC: Grace

We have a problem fully embracing Gods grace. We like to replace what He has […]

#NYWC: 5 Reasons The Church Needs Youth Ministry

Mark Matlock

The American Music Awards Winners’ List

Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, One Direction Lead

Local School Districts Look To Reach Parents, Teens With Social Media

Any organization that values communicating with its public can’t just go to one source … […]

Music,Kids, And Sexuality. . .Thoughts Prompted By “The Voice”

By Walt Mueller