Parents, Value Expository Teaching At Youth Group

I believe there are at least three compelling reasons for consistently teaching through whole passages […]

Summer Time Youth Ministry: Balancing Activity And Rest

What does fall planning look like during the summer months?

A Parent’s Watchful Eye Keeps Kids From Drugs, Alcohol

The fear of being caught reduced substance use by about 40% among a group of […]

Let The Anxious Children Sing To Me

New worship music offers today’s young believers a wider range of emotions and greater spiritual […]

Evangelism: Helping Students To Share The Gospel

Our students have the potential to be some of the most powerful evangelists in our […]

Parenting: Who’s In Charge?

Gentle, non-judgmental parenting is not good parenting. Have you read Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6?

Encouraging Students To Worship Through Singing

What happened? It was time for worship through singing and most of their voices were […]

Parenting Isn’t Easy

No matter how much time and effort we put into preparing for parenthood, there will […]

How We Can Help Solidify Teenagers’ Faith

Rites of Passage at Home and in the Church

What Makes A Bible Translation Bad?

by Mark Ward

Book: Parenting Ahead..Preparing Now For The Teen Years

learn to practice redemptive parenting where their children grow to see the world through a […]

Belonging Before Anything Else In Youth Group

Help nonbelievers students know they belong in your group

Five Things Teens Wish You Knew About Them

We must reframe the way we view the teenage years

How To Teach Theologically At Youth Group

How can youth leaders teach theologically without talking over students’ heads? Here are a few […]

Parenting Book: Does God Care About Gender Identity?

By Samuel D. Ferguson. A short and concise biblical exploration of gender identity