10 Ideas For Your Teenage Bucket List

“Since the time at home with our kids is short, we have to make the […]

12 Year-Old Graduates High-school & College

Pandemic kept him at home. Well, we’re sitting here doing nothing, right? So might as well […]

Billie Eilish On Abusing Power And Doing What You Want

…her own theory of power cannot offer a good reason why using power abusively is […]

UK Jesus As Transgender: Controversial Play For Students

Scottish teacher’s union is drawing backlash from Christians in the United Kingdom after promoting a […]

Evangelism: Students Reaching Other Students

Have just one person they focus on loving and caring for and praying for all […]

Grace-Filled Youth Ministry

Grace is God’s unmerited love for and delight in sinners through the life, death, and […]

Developing A Parent Resources Page

Categorized into 16 different topics of relevance to parents of teenagers. Each list is thoughtfully […]

Are We Asking Enough Of Gen Z?

Alpha Youth

How To Teach Teens To Live Counter-Culturally

we need  to follow “the whole Christ, the whole scripture for our whole life” leading […]

How To Go About Writing A Talk Series In A New Way!

Then I borrowed (aka, stole) Doug Field’s method of teaching

Denver Approves Later Middle And High School Start Times

Multiple studies have demonstrated that healthy school start times result in increased attendance, reduced tardiness, […]

The Spread Of Critical Race Theory In American Schools

In an ongoing investigative series, City Journal contributing editor Christopher F. Rufo

Shocking Child Sex Trafficking Documentary

All perpetrators shown in this documentary have been prosecuted and convicted

Lecture 1: “Asking The Right Questions”

Anyone in Christian ministry should listen to all 8 (lectures) particular anyone in student ministry

Youth Pastor Compensation Survey

The national average youth pastor salary for 2021, ways to calculate your state’s cost of […]