Young People’s Trust In Religious Institutions Is Low…But

…but trust in relationships with religious people is still extremely high

Woke Disney Stocks Tumble

The stock slide has also coincided with years of efforts to push a left-wing agenda […]

Athletes Lead Crowd In Prayer After School Bans Coaches

Putnam County Schools administrators telling their staff last week that they could not lead students […]

Study: Students Desires For Emotional Safety

Study: Connection between students’ ‘self-reported cognitive distortions and their endorsement of trigger warnings’

Kids Book: Little Lives Matter

On Sanctity Of Life, Momma Bear won’t give up on Mobi even when Culture the […]

Sexual & Physical Abuse Of Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

“The Biden administration caused this crisis and has repeatedly failed to address it,” Abbott said

Students Question Immigration Policies After Del Rio Photos

Students were surprised at the massive number of illegal immigrants, and admitted it was problematic. […]

Kids Book: The Island Of Free Ice Cream

Jack Posobiec take a deep dive into the idea of Capitalism Vs Communism with the […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Daughter Needs

Raising a daughter is all about balancing….

Book: Red, White, and Black…Black Triumphs In US History

Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers

Kids Book: Elephants Are Not Birds

Gender identity. Culture the Vulture convinces Kevin that his ability to sing is one that only […]

Catholic School Hires Gay Coach After Backlash

“We definitely got what we wanted with Amanda being reinstated, but there is still more […]

Book…BLM: The Making Of A New Marxist Revolution

These people are shown to be avowed Marxists who say they want to dismantle our […]

Book: American Marxism

By Mark R. Levin. The widespread brainwashing of students, the anti-American purposes of Critical Race Theory

Book: Black Eye For America… Critical Race Theory

In schools and workplaces across the United States, Americans are being indoctrinated with a divisive, […]