About George Lockhart

Vision 2 Hear began in 1989 when George Lockhart learned his first Sign Language song from a friend while attending The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He went on later to take a sign language class, which changed his life forever. From that class and a little encouragement from friends, he began performing for camps and churches. In the time since then, George has been traveling throughout the USA and to 20 different countries sharing the message of Jesus Christ through Signed English and in other creative and artistic ways.

 In 2002, Vision 2 Hear became a non-profit organization committed to creatively communicating Christ. Vision 2 Hear actively disciples students in 4 states (Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida), India, El Salvador and Nigeria.

Currently George serves as a missionary with Vision 2 Hear traveling throughout the southeast speaking and performing in schools, churches and various other venues. George has been serving in ministry for 30 years and was ordained as a minister in 2004 at Bethany Baptist Church in Snellville, GA. He also has a BA in English from UNC-Greensboro.

He currently serves as the pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA.