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What Will We Learn From Summer Youth...

on June 2, 2023 by

Road trips create bonds that can never be broken. They teach us things we’d never get the chance to discover during youth…

Resources For Reaching Gen Z

on June 2, 2023 by

Gen Z is a unique generation… it’s important that we understand the defining characteristics of Gen Z so that we can best…

Anxiety And Teens: A31 Day Devotional

on June 2, 2023 by

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from our latest book, Anxiety: Finding the Better Story, written by Liz Edrington

Why Teens Are Leaving The Church?

on May 16, 2023 by

…what is revealed when they transition into adulthood is that they’ve only ever been veneered in biblical Christianity.

7 Tips For Teaching Theology To Teens

on May 16, 2023 by

We are called to pass on the simple good news of the gospel as of “first importance”

4 Ways To Love Moms In Your Church

on May 16, 2023 by

A fitting reminder that moms’ primary identity, calling, and security is Christ—not motherhood or anything else

How To Deal With Teenagers Stress And...

on May 15, 2023 by

How Philippians 4 Equips Teenagers to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Finding Community As A Youth Pastor

on May 13, 2023 by

Here are a few reasons why finding your own community is so crucial

A Summertime Prayer For Youth Pastors

on May 13, 2023 by

Remember that your ultimate goal is not just to keep your young people busy, but to help them grow in their faith…

Transgenderism: The Reshaping Of Reality...

on May 11, 2023 by

Video: Kevin DeYoung

UK: Transgender In A Changing Culture

on May 11, 2023 by

A brief biblical and pastoral introduction to understanding transgender in a changing culture

An Open Letter To Teens Facing Doubts...

on May 11, 2023 by

by Rebecca McLaughlin

Making Sense Of Sex/Gender Trends. . .

on May 10, 2023 by

We’ve got some thoughts and some helpful resources. . .

Helping Those Experiencing Gender...

on May 10, 2023 by

Resources, links, or other helpful tools mentioned in the podcast

Gods Plan For Sex And Gender

on May 10, 2023 by

10 teaching points for home and church

10 Q’s Every Teen Should Ask &...

on May 8, 2023 by

Whether you consider yourself a Christ follower or not, these questions can seem like deal breakers

Book: Why The Bible’s Plan For...

on May 8, 2023 by

While purity culture gets the truth right, the approach and gospel elements it espouses are often wrong

Book: How Do We Know That Christianity...

on May 8, 2023 by

Lively stories and illustrations explains why we can trust the Gospels as real historical documents and walks through the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection

Dear Parents, Play The Long Game

on May 7, 2023 by

We cannot parent in the same way our parents did when we were children. But the job description of a parent that…

Young People, Church Membership Isn’t...

on May 7, 2023 by

Find a local healthy local church, overlook its flaws, work against your own selfishness and resistance, and become a contributing member. The…

The Most Important Thing A Youth...

on May 6, 2023 by

The most important thing a youth ministry can do is teach students how to read and study the Bible

Understanding Gender Dysphoria

on May 6, 2023 by

By Mark Yarhouse. Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture

When Children Come Out: A Guide For...

on May 6, 2023 by

By: Mark Yarhouse and Olya Zaporozhets

Resources For Navigating LGBTQ Issues...

on May 5, 2023 by

Parent & Pastor resource guide on transgender issues

Four Truths About Youth Ministry And...

on May 3, 2023 by

If YOU want to reach athletes, here are some ideas to connect with that community

This Graduation Season, Don’t Forget...

on May 2, 2023 by

Your graduates are where they are, predominately, because of their parents so why not shine some light on them during this season

Planning A Youth Meeting For Graduates

on May 2, 2023 by

If you would like the Launching Well graduate resource

Youth Ministry: Nurturing Adolescent...

on May 2, 2023 by

A youth ministry that fails to balance the proclamation of proper belief with a call to pursue and live out the resulting…

Book: Parenting Ahead..Preparing Now For...

on April 27, 2023 by

learn to practice redemptive parenting where their children grow to see the world through a gospel lens based on biblical truth.

Your Summer Camp Checklist

on April 27, 2023 by

Years ago I developed my own camp planning check list

The New 5 Purposes Of Youth Ministry

on April 27, 2023 by

The heart of youth ministry is to help students grow in their relationship with Christ. We do activities and events to help…

Raising Kids In The Fishbowl

on April 25, 2023 by

Insights from a Youth Pastor and His Wife

Parent Resource Guide To Transgender...

on April 24, 2023 by

Educating and equipping parents on how to respond


Resources For Navigating LGBTQ Issues...

on April 24, 2023 by
Knowing Parental Rights & Against Schools Sexualizing Kids

Flashback: Youth Ministry Statistics

on April 20, 2023 by

Time-tested norms on everything you need to know for a healthy ministry.

Book: Back-Pocket God. Study On The...

on April 20, 2023 by

Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Emerging Adults

Youth Groups Are Becoming Integrated...

on April 20, 2023 by

Youth Pastors Ditch Gross-Out Games and Help Student Ministry Grow Up

The Five Essential Soft Skills Your...

on April 19, 2023 by

Today’s blog is an excerpt from the upcoming book, “Ready for Real Life.”

Book: Ready For Real Life

on April 19, 2023 by

Unpacking the Five Essential Soft Skills Great Leaders Instill in Their Students

From Teen To Adult

on April 12, 2023 by

Two Ways to Help High School Seniors Transition to Young Adulthood

Book: The Marxification Of Education

on April 12, 2023 by

Their education has been stolen from them. Activists have spent the last forty to fifty years taking over education and transforming it…

Flashback: O Little Youth Ministry

on April 12, 2023 by

“So, how big is your youth group?”

Protect Teens From Sextortion

on April 11, 2023 by

We can’t warn our children against every scam and trap in the world. So how can we teach them to be wise…

Why Did Jesus Institute The Lord’s...

on April 11, 2023 by

Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper on this night to signify that this new exodus was about to begin. This act indicated that…

Exposing The Gender Lie’ e-book...

on April 10, 2023 by

The number of minors in America receiving a diagnosis of gender dysphoria tripled from 2017 to 2021, with more than forty-two thousand…

How To Follow Up On Visitors After...

on April 9, 2023 by

Allow me to offer three tips to hit your Easter visitor follow-up out of the park.

Stop Overindulging Your Children

on April 8, 2023 by

Book: Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World by Jill Rigby.

Silent Saturday

on April 8, 2023 by

The Most Important Week in History

Students Need To Serve

on April 3, 2023 by

Having students serve within the youth group can have a significant impact on both the youth ministry and the students themselves

Helping Teens Process School Shootings

on April 3, 2023 by

How to help young people process the horrific school shooting in Nashville

Youth Pastors: Don’t Lose Your...

on April 3, 2023 by

3 keys to keeping your best adult volunteers over the long haul

Helping Those Experiencing Gender...

on March 31, 2023 by

Podcast: Walt Mueller with Nicholas Black

Ministry In A Trauma-Filled World

on March 31, 2023 by

Walt Mueller

Transgender Youth @Highest Risk For...

on March 30, 2023 by

A 2022 study found that youth who identify as transgender are at the highest risk of “violent radicalization.”

School Shooting Happened Due To Deranged...

on March 30, 2023 by

The trans movement is targeting Christians

Trans Activists Slam Religious Schools...

on March 30, 2023 by

Two trans activists are demanding the end of the conservative  ‘love affair’ with ‘radical religious schools’ in a response to the shooting

Why A Gen-Z Zombie Loves The Local...

on March 21, 2023 by

Why do I volunteer in the youth ministry even though some students may abandon the church in the future?

Living Out Excellence

on March 21, 2023 by

God calls you His child and He will finish the work He began in you. It will be His grace, not your…

How To Find Yourself: Looking Inward Is...

on March 20, 2023 by

A Christian Answer to the Identity Angst of Our Culture

Book: Transgender

on March 20, 2023 by

It surveys the Christian worldview and seeks to apply these principles to the many complex questions surrounding gender identity

Book: Teaching Your Children About...

on March 20, 2023 by

Helping Kids Navigate a Confusing Culture

Spring Is Tough, But So Are You!

on March 16, 2023 by

Spring tends to be a very busy time of year for students, with end-of-year exams

25 Books For Youthmin

on March 16, 2023 by

Divided this list into three sections Ministry Nuts and Bolts, Soul Care and Other Non-Fiction


on March 15, 2023 by

As they journey through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, they will see that Jesus is far from one-dimensional

Growing And Learning In Youth Ministry

on March 9, 2023 by

Longevity in youth ministry definitely requires growing and learning

Engaging With Your Students In Small...

on March 9, 2023 by

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the chance to meet your students where they are

Discipleship In Terms Of Relational...

on March 9, 2023 by

Are your students truly forming meaningful and spiritual relationships with the adults in your church?

The Wolf In Their Pockets

on March 8, 2023 by

13 ways the social internet is shaping the people you lead, with advice to help everyone deal with it!

A Darker Consumerism

on March 8, 2023 by

Our relationship with social media has made us consumers of people.

Will My Students Walk Away?

on March 5, 2023 by

Confessions of a Struggling Youth Minister

Talking About Revival With Teenagers

on March 5, 2023 by

The Asbury University Movement

50 Famous Parental Sayings

on March 2, 2023 by

Fun video where comedian Andy Andrews shares 50 Things Parents Say in just 60 seconds

Young Men Need Better Than Andrew Tate...

on March 1, 2023 by

In the last few weeks, many parents have been introduced to Andrew Tate, a figure most high school

“No More Secrets”: Protect Kids...

on February 28, 2023 by

Woman behind Libs of TikTok writes children’s book that ‘will give parents and children a tool they can use to spot predatory…

A Prayer That God Would Save Our...

on February 27, 2023 by

by Tim Challies

Gender War, Technology, And De-Centering...

on February 27, 2023 by

Genuine encounters with others shape us. So what happens when they don’t happen?

Theology For Youth Ministry In A...

on February 27, 2023 by

The formation of a generation of believers gives a faithful and countercultural witness to the gospel

Ash Wednesday “What Was That On Your...

on February 24, 2023 by

Why?  Because God will give us new bodies, resurrected bodies, glorious bodies, not made of the earth or dust, but of heaven


Youth Ministry Calendar Spring 2023

on February 23, 2023 by

They discuss a bunch of ideas why they’re important, how often you should make one, and what they say about your ministry.

Book: 3 Big Questions That Shape Your...

on February 23, 2023 by

Sometimes life gives teenagers way more questions than answers.

Help Teenagers Find Belonging In A...

on February 23, 2023 by

When social media is used as an escape from in-person interaction with others, kids lose out

Today In The Spirit: Lent 1A

on February 22, 2023 by

Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan: Come quickly to help us who are…

Remember: A 40 Day Easter And Lent...

on February 22, 2023 by

Challenges you and your students to remember the crucifixion and why it was necessary in God’s plan for our salvation

Tempted To Control Your Children’s...

on February 21, 2023 by

But one day, you might face a chasm. And only the Holy Spirit can carry them across

DVD: A Biblical Response To Critical...

on February 21, 2023 by

When Galatian believers tried to add to the gospel, the apostle Paul sternly reminded them that the gospel is complete. Today, Christians…

Belonging: The Effects Of Purposefulness...

on February 20, 2023 by

A Sense Of Purpose May Have Significant Impact On Teens’

Understanding Middle School Students

on February 18, 2023 by

Every middle school student has 5 characters inside that they could display at any given time

4 Tips For Encouraging Your Parents

on February 16, 2023 by

The mistake I made was not being intentional with the parents under my care

Getting In Shape

on February 16, 2023 by

4 Reasons Youth Ministers Need to Be Physically Fit

Healthy Leaders… Cheat On Ministry!

on February 16, 2023 by

So you’re always going to cheat someone – you’ll either cheat your church, your family, or yourself

Catholic School Pupil Arrested For...

on February 13, 2023 by

or saying there are only two genders was arrested this week after attempting to return to class without renouncing his beliefs

Opening Letter To Parents: What Your...

on February 13, 2023 by

Greg Stier

Movie: The Power Of The Jesus Revolution

on February 13, 2023 by

You will love exploring the impact of the Jesus movement in the United States during the 1960‘s and 1970’s

Thinking With A Future Church Mentality

on February 13, 2023 by

10 Leadership Questions

Recovering Proverbs 22:6 For A New...

on February 6, 2023 by

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

New Study Of Teenagers And Pornography

on February 6, 2023 by

Three Things Youth Ministers Need to Know

Discipling The Difficult Teenager

on February 1, 2023 by

Four things to consider as we seek to disciple the teenagers who act out or try our patience at youth group

Faith After The Pandemic

on January 31, 2023 by

Sean McDowell

New Plan To Save The Children From...

on January 31, 2023 by

Trump: the “gender confusion” pushed on our nation’s youth is a form of child abuse

Parents Low View on Kids Having Similar...

on January 25, 2023 by

Roughly a third (35%) of U.S. parents say it is extremely or very important to them that their children have similar religious…