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Pro-life demonstrators listen to US President Donald Trump as he speaks at the 47th annual "March for Life" in Washington, DC, on January 24, 2020. - Trump is the first US president to address in person the country's biggest annual gathering of anti-abortion campaigners. (Photo by Roberto SCHMIDT / AFP) (Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images)

How A Pro-Life President Saves Lives

on September 25, 2020 by

A Biden-Harris Presidency Would Fuel Abortion

Blm black protest

Freedom, Anarchy Or Repression?

on September 24, 2020 by

Walt Mueller

Family With Teenage Children Eating Meal In Kitchen

Pew: Parents And Teens Faith Practice

on September 24, 2020 by

Pew survey shows teens, parents practice faith together, though teens are less religious

one fire

Churches Under Attack Cultural Shift In The US

on September 24, 2020 by

“The underlying motive of these sacrilegious attacks is clear: to intimidate and instill fear in the hearts of those who worship Christ,”

Family praying youthministry

U.S. Teens Take After Their Parents Religiously

on September 22, 2020 by

When it comes to religion, American teenagers and their parents tend to have a lot in common – though not quite as…

Image of excited emotional young loving couple using mobile phone outdoors in park.

Sex, Drugs, And Media

on September 22, 2020 by

Since the days of Moses, God has given the primary responsibility of teaching and training children to the parent

Nature Bibi le youthministry

Let Students Lead

on September 19, 2020 by

When a teen gets a chance to lead, they have an opportunity to own their faith

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Parents You’re Not Failing, You’re Just Overwhelmed

on September 19, 2020 by

I’m going to share something with you my therapist shared with me weeks ago. And it’s about to blow your mind

Cash barker youth culture report

Group Discussion Cash Baker: Taking A Stand On TikTok

on September 19, 2020 by

This discussion brings up LGBTQ issues, Cash in this TikTok video chose to call it a sin

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The Tik Tok Suicide Video: Guidance For Parents

on September 16, 2020 by

by Walt Mueller

Clever Hispanic teenager watching parents watch his text messaging

Parents What Do Your Kids Think About You?

on September 16, 2020 by

It’s a challenge to parents to live a life that is worthy of that kind of praise and recognition from their children


Book: Youth Ministry In This Season of Disruption

on September 15, 2020 by

By Mark Oestreicher

Volunteer youth

Creating Change In Ministry

on September 15, 2020 by

You don’t need a new program or some complex system, you just need a few simple steps. Let me show you what…

Pivot leader youth culture

DOUG FIELDS: Figuring Out Youth Ministry Together

on September 15, 2020 by

Being a youth pastor during the last 5+ months has been so very wild for me!


Kamala Harris And Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts

on September 13, 2020 by

She prosecuted pro-life journalists when he dared to investigate Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts

Rear view of father and son walking in autumn forest

What to Do When Your Adult Child Is Messing Up

on September 12, 2020 by

When an adult child violates our values, makes poor choices, or gets in deep trouble, we often question our parenting abilities


3 COVID-19 Youth Ministry Games

on September 12, 2020 by

With in-person gatherings happening more and more, we want to take a quick moment to solve your games problem for you


Starting Out In Your New Youth Ministry Position

on September 7, 2020 by

The First 5 People You Should Meet at a New Church

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Help! My Teen Is Struggling With Anxiety

on September 7, 2020 by

After many months of battling anxiety, Pam had taken an overdose of pain medication and was rushed to hospital. Thankfully it wasn’t…

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Hybrid Youth Ministry

on September 7, 2020 by

Hybrid youth ministry is the future–at least until we get past COVID. If you can manage hybrid youth ministry, you’ll have a…


The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker -Part 1

on September 5, 2020 by

Part 1


The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker – Part 2

on September 5, 2020 by

Part 2


The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker – Part 3

on September 5, 2020 by

Part 3


The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker — Part 4

on September 5, 2020 by

Part 4


Movie: SOUND OF FREEDOM..To End ChildTrafficking

on September 4, 2020 by

A true story of a man who risks everything to bring hope to the most hidden corners of our world

TOPSHOT - Firefighters try to control a back burn as the Carr fire continues to spread towards the towns of Douglas City and Lewiston near Redding, California on July 31, 2018. - Two firefighters were killed fighting the blaze and three people, a 70 year old woman and her two great-grandchildren age four and five, perished when their Redding home was rapidly swallowed up by flames. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)        (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Burnout Does Not Have To Be The End: Part 1

on September 4, 2020 by

Burnout Part 1

Bible pray sad


on September 4, 2020 by

A topic that comes up often for those in ministry.
Sometimes we do not know how to implement it into our lives.

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How To Measure In Your Youthministry

on September 4, 2020 by

The Coronavirus pandemic has probably flipped your youth ministry upside down

L lgbt

The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

on September 3, 2020 by

Book: Irreversible Damage


How Obama-Biden-Harris Team Has Attacked Catholics

on September 3, 2020 by

Catholics have a clear view of what they can expect from a Biden-Harris administration


Sex, Lies, And Video Games

on August 26, 2020 by

Inside Roblox’s war on porn


How Democrats Get Away With Justifying Infanticide

on August 26, 2020 by

41 Democratic senators successfully filibustered the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require doctors to provide standard medical care to infants…

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Professional Youth Ministry Certification

on August 24, 2020 by

Only 1 in 4 Youth Ministers have formal training.

Burn out leader

Flashback: Why YouthPastors Burnout

on August 24, 2020 by

9 reasons youth workers burn out

Cardi b youthministry youth culture

Cardi B, WAP And Youth Culture

on August 23, 2020 by

As I’ve been processing Cardi B’s latest song over the last few days, a few initial thoughts have come to mind. At…

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The “Sex + Christian Parents” podcast

on August 23, 2020 by

Biblical media discernment, how to pay attention to the narratives found in the stories of our culture

Family youth culture dinner

Free Family Devotions

on August 23, 2020 by


Cardi B youthministry

What Cardi B’s Song ‘WAP’ Gets Wrong

on August 21, 2020 by

Songs like “WAP,” and others like it, from male artists as well, reduce women and men to the sum of their parts,…


Catholic League Kamala Harris’s Has A ‘Catholic Problem’

on August 21, 2020 by

Harris worked to curb religious freedom, co-sponsoring “The Equality Act,” which would “gut Catholic hospitals,”

Planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood Ideology ‘Killing The Family,’

on August 21, 2020 by

Planned Parenthood America’s largest abortion provider loses profit if young people are not having sex

Youth g

Student Leadership Team Will Change Your Youth Group

on August 17, 2020 by

Youth Ministry is about spiritual development, and it is the primer for lifelong faith

number- 5 five

5 Ministry-Killing Mistakes

on August 17, 2020 by

I want to do is to share the five mistakes I have seen youth workers make over the years that can be…

youthculture youth pastor

Your Next Youth Ministry Parent Meeting

on August 17, 2020 by

Back to school usually means a jumpstart in your youth ministry. This year will be no exception


Youthmin Leadership Book: Canoeing The Mountains

on August 15, 2020 by

Explorers Lewis and Clark had to adapt. If you’re going to scale the mountains of ministry, you need to leave behind canoes…


Teen Vogue: Advocating End To Private Property Rights

on August 15, 2020 by

Writer Kandist Mallett’s article reads like ‘Marxist propaganda,’ the Texas congressman says

College swim girls

Student’s love Trump’s COVID plan…when told it’s Biden’s

on August 13, 2020 by

I’m not about Trump, but, the part of funding schools to giving us money in this crisis, it did help


Kamala Harris Refused to Prosecute Priests’ Sexual Abuse

on August 13, 2020 by

After Church’s Lawyers Funded Her Campaign. There were 40 priests accused of molestations in that archdiocese


A Biblical Critique Of Secular Justice And Critical Theory

on August 11, 2020 by

By Timothy Keller


Growing Weary As A Leader

on August 4, 2020 by

5 Signs You May Be Growing Weary as a Leader and What To Do About It


The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker

on August 4, 2020 by

Ministry is draining. So often we can walk away from a small group, service, or event feeling tired, rejected, or like a…

Bible school

Make Your School Decision. Then Trust God

on August 4, 2020 by

I never thought I’d add “face masks” to our school supply list. I never thought I’d have to..

Girl Bible youth leader

Cultivating Christlike Virtue In A Virtue-Signaling Age

on August 4, 2020 by

Jesus teaches us not only what is right and true, but also how to display the beauty

datin love love sex

Flashback: How To Get Abortion W/out Parental Consent

on August 3, 2020 by

..because “having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

Teen girl beach talk

People Over Programs

on August 3, 2020 by

When youth groups were forced to stop meeting we were stripped of so many of the basic elements that might have seemed…

Loser Biden Is pro death

Pro-Choice NARAL Endorses Biden

on August 3, 2020 by

Says He’ll ‘Expand Access to Abortion,’ Allow Taxpayer Funding of it

Black preborn lives matter pro life

Cops Arrest Students Chalking ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’

on August 2, 2020 by

Police arrested two pro-life students in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Washington, DC

cool Jesus social med

Was Jesus A Socialist?

on August 2, 2020 by

Did Jesus support socialism? Do the teachings of Jesus Christ condemn the accumulation of wealth while pushing for the equal distribution of…


UK: Christian Charity Loses Banking After LGBT Activists

on July 26, 2020 by

The charity also said that they were removed from Facebook, as well as from Paypal


Video: Depends On Whose Hands It’s In

on July 21, 2020 by

Great illustration

american flag youth culture

Wake Up America…The Church Co-opted By The Culture

on July 19, 2020 by

ACNA Archbishop Says Church in America has been Co-opted by the Culture


What To Expect In Ninth Grade

on July 16, 2020 by

When your high-schooler was in middle school, there’s a good chance their biggest motivator was acceptance


Passing Down A Faith-Filled Life

on July 16, 2020 by

Not a Trial-Free Life

Faith parent

A Faith Of Their Own

on July 16, 2020 by

My time would be best spent training my children to trust God no matter what and how they can respond to pain…

number- 5 five

Five Tips for Adding New Youth Leaders To Your Team

on July 11, 2020 by

While this list is not exhaustive, it will help you start the conversation and give you some talking points for future interactions

Sad youth dir leader

Loving Our Students To Death

on July 11, 2020 by

Theologically, we need to reconcile the culture of sacrificial suffering …a culture of Sabbath, rest, grace, and weakness

Beautiful woman Looking through binocular at home

Parenting In 2020

on July 11, 2020 by

Everything and Nothing Has Changed


Transitioning Back To Face-to-Face Meetings With Students

on July 10, 2020 by

7 Things You Can Not Forget to Do at Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting


Preparing For Promotion Sunday

on July 10, 2020 by

How to Welcome New Students into Your Youth Ministry

Beautiful Professional Gamer Girl Playing in First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on Her Personal Computer. Casual Cute Geek Girl Wearing Headset. In the Underground Gaming Club.

What Is The Real Impact Of Violent Video Games?

on July 9, 2020 by

Are violent video games as bad as they seem in the media?

D dating love sex

The New Monogamy

on July 7, 2020 by

Sure, a version of this has been around for a long, long time. But it used to be called an “affair,” “cheating,”…

Nature girl leader

Stop Comparing

on June 20, 2020 by

There is nothing wrong with looking to other ministries and leaders for ideas, resources, or suggestions.  But

Vogue m

Teen Vogue — Tweeted “Welcome To Marx!

on June 20, 2020 by

Communism has seen a worldwide death toll of roughly 100 million

Teenage friends walking down the street in summer day

Are Students Spiritually Hungry?

on June 17, 2020 by

I believe, now more than ever, that students are spiritually hungry and want to know about who God is

Beautiful woman Looking through binocular at home

High School And Middle School Parenting Forum

on June 17, 2020 by

By The Village Church

Mom child parent

The Priority of Children

on June 15, 2020 by

The Priority of Children Your job as a parent is a calling from God. It is more important than your vocation, bank…


Video: The Seven Longest Yards

on June 15, 2020 by

This is pure inspiration

number- 5 five

Fall Kickoff….Get Ready!

on June 13, 2020 by

Here are 5 moves you can be making right now so that when your fall semester kicks off, it will be better…


5 Mistakes You’ve Been Making During COVID-19

on June 13, 2020 by

Reaching your students and making the most of the upside-down world we’ve found ourselves in today

Teens g hanging out

Be the Bridge Youth… racial brokenness and injustice

on June 10, 2020 by

Equipping students to be agents of change in their communities

Sad lgbt girl face

Students want campuses reopened

on June 10, 2020 by

lament ‘quality’ of online classes

Young Couple Relaxing Near River Enjoying Sunny Day

Gospel-Centered Sexuality Summit!

on June 10, 2020 by

Sign up and enjoy unlimited access to all 18 Free interviews

Teen concert youth group

Podcast: Racial Reconciliation And Ministry

on June 9, 2020 by

Shares some amazing wisdom on how to guide students through all of this


Resources On Understanding Issues Of Race

on June 9, 2020 by

May we grow in the grace God provides. May we love each other as Christ has loved us. May we like Christ…


George Floyd Left A Gospel Legacy In Houston

on June 6, 2020 by

As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects

Blm black protest

Helping Young People Grieve And Take Action

on June 6, 2020 by

Diverse ministry perspectives to help teenagers respond to racialized violence and injustice


How To Do Intergenerational Ministry

on June 5, 2020 by

What does each generation need from the church and what can each generation contribute to the church?

Mom black  daughter parent

Barna Free Resource: Race Where Do We Go from Here?

on June 2, 2020 by

New data revealing pastors’ and Christians’ opinions about what—if anything—the Church should do about racial divisions

church cross

Bishop T.D. Jakes: Race and policing – Church leaders…

on June 2, 2020 by

“Learn to do good: seek justice, correct oppression,”


What White Youth Pastors Can Do About Racism

on June 1, 2020 by

I’m a black youth pastor at Restore Community Church, in Kansas City MO. The month of May 2020 has been especially tragic

summer LOVE SUNSET_over_2a

The Story of Your Summer

on June 1, 2020 by

This week we officially made the decision to cancel our summer camp plans, this was not the story I was hoping for


Why we need theology more than Netflix

on June 1, 2020 by

When we as youth workers take little interest in theology and more interest in pop culture, we communicate to students that God…

Leader youth dir man guy

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Youth Ministry

on May 28, 2020 by

In my early days of youth ministry, I had days when I was convinced I was a borderline superhero

Swim sad nature leader


on May 27, 2020 by

Walt Mueller

Brat bitch kid sad mad

How Do We Make It Through When Things Get Tough?

on May 27, 2020 by

One step at a time,There’s no need to rush, It’s like learning to fly

sad thinking teen boy

How to Help a Student Who Just Lost their Senior Year

on May 27, 2020 by

One group of high school seniors offered the most telling insights on their final year of school

sunset youthministry

Leading Change When Everything Has Changed

on May 25, 2020 by

With a small shift in your mindset, this might be your greatest season of momentum and change

Ch church

We Can’t Go Back, So Let’s Go Forward

on May 25, 2020 by

The loss of normal times means new opportunities

Pivot leader youth culture

Carey Nieuwhof: Disruptive Church Trends

on May 25, 2020 by

Leaders who embrace change, who keep pivoting, will end up advancing their mission in the future


“Reopening” Your Youth Ministry

on May 24, 2020 by

questions to consider

Super kids children Ministry

Should I Cancel VBS Because Of COVID?

on May 24, 2020 by

Sam Luce