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Five Steps To Teach Students To Be Critical Thinkers

on October 20, 2017 by

We are often emotional more than rational beings

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Get Inside Your Adolescent’s Brain To Prevent Addiction

on October 20, 2017 by

To effectively counsel teens about dangers associated with substance use, think in developmental terms

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The Social Life Of The App Addicted Teen…Values

on October 19, 2017 by

Infographic on teens being addicted to social media. Practical and insightful. The Social Life of the App Addicted…

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Video: Real Communication With Your Teenager

on October 19, 2017 by

‘Real Communication with Your Teenager.’ Click here for link to video

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We Need More Risk Takers In Youth Ministry!

on October 19, 2017 by

The Bible is filled with stories of risk takers who were willing to lose it all so that God’s name and fame…


Twenty Percent Of U.S. Teens May Have Had A Concussion

on October 18, 2017 by

More than 13,000 U.S. teens finds that as many as one in five may have suffered a concussion, and contact sports might…


12 Ways To Really Love Your Children

on October 13, 2017 by

Everything we do should begin and end with love.


Energy Drink Leaves Father With Hole In Skull

on October 13, 2017 by

Too much consumption of energy drinks almost cost them everything.



on October 10, 2017 by

A Milestone comparison trap


New Book By Timothy Eldred Alone Sucks

on October 10, 2017 by

Tells the story of aloneness and untangles the many lies of life..

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What Exactly Is NextGen?

on October 10, 2017 by

What if the kids ministry and student ministry began to align around the same outcomes for parents, volunteers and kids?


The #1 Thing I Tell People Who Want To Be A Youth Pastor

on October 10, 2017 by

So many people come into Youth Ministry disillusioned as to the reality of what ministry really is. They know they

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Seeking The Spotlight In Youth Ministry

on October 10, 2017 by

Jesus spent His life pursuing faithfulness rather than fame. How would things change if we did the same

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Resolving Conflict With Your Teenager

on October 10, 2017 by

Three Powerful Questions to Unlock the Heart of Your Teen


Flashback: Helping Parents Train Up Their Children

on October 9, 2017 by

7 great ideas you can use to help parents train their children spiritually


Life Norms And The Effects On Faith For Generation Z

on October 9, 2017 by

They want to make the most of their opportunities and see a purpose for existing beyond themselves.


Subtle Ways Today’s Culture Has Transformed Students

on October 9, 2017 by

Culture pushes us to focus more on our appearance than our reality

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STDs At An All Time High… Again

on October 8, 2017 by

Last Tuesday the CDC announced “the highest number of these sexually transmitted diseases ever reported”

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Toxic Church Environments

on October 8, 2017 by

God uses messy and flawed human beings throughout history to inspire, love and help others discover the amazing promises of the gospel.

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Surviving The Ups And Downs Of Youth Ministry

on October 8, 2017 by

Fellow youth workers, we are doing good work whether or not we can see that goodness

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Booze Often Glorified On YouTube Videos

on October 7, 2017 by

If kids only watched YouTube for insights into drinking, they’d get a very slanted view, new research shows


Middle School Ministry Campference

on October 5, 2017 by

October 13 – 15


How To Talk To Your Kids About Tragedy

on October 5, 2017 by

by Carey Nieuwhof


The Problem Of Approval In Your Ministry

on October 4, 2017 by

Deep down we want to be liked. Even if you are okay with people being mad at you, you still want people…

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To Grow…

on October 4, 2017 by

5 Skills That Every Youth Minister Needs To Develop If They Want To Continue To Grow


Helping Young People Process Las Vegas

on October 3, 2017 by

We know this is not easy, so we’ve put together a few next-step resources you can utilize


Las Vegas: The Reality Of Fear And What To Do Next

on October 3, 2017 by

What do I do when the monster under the bed becomes a real-life monster wielding an arsenal of guns, or is threatening…


Evaluating Your Student Ministry

on October 3, 2017 by

Get to the Next Level Using This Evaluation Process

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5 Principles To Reach The Next Generation

on October 2, 2017 by

In this fast-paced world, the road to reaching youth has a slower speed limit…earning the right to share the gospel with students.


Your Job Doesn’t Define You

on October 2, 2017 by

“Define yourself as one radically loved by God. This is your true self, every other identity is an illusion.”

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Finding Your True Identity In Youth Ministry

on October 2, 2017 by

Culture changes..don’t let your weak areas or underlying insecurities drive your identity as a leader


Student Leadership Ministry Team

on October 1, 2017 by

11 People you need on a student ministry leadership team

group youth team leadership

3 Student Ministry Opportunities

on October 1, 2017 by

Here are three practical ways to give teenagers opportunities to lead

student-pastors youth group

Collaborative Youth Ministry

on October 1, 2017 by

If your mission is to get students to come to you, then you are not fulfilling God’s plan.


New Sexually Explicit Cartoon On Netflix

on September 29, 2017 by

Cartoon about teenagers whose lives have been upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty


Flashback: Why Youth Pastors Leave….

on September 29, 2017 by

I think most Youth Pastors who leave, leave too soon

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Should Your Kid Have Snapchat?

on September 28, 2017 by

Should Your Kid Have Snapchat? 5 Tips for Parents Raising Teens in the Digital Age


Is Snapchat And Snapmaps Safe?

on September 28, 2017 by

It’s the number one app kids use, and it’s the number one app parents ask me about


6 Ways To Keep Their Attention

on September 28, 2017 by

When speaking to teenagers, it can be hard to keep their attention. Their attention span can be small


10 Reasons Why Parents Make Great Youth Leaders

on September 28, 2017 by

Parents as youth workers. Does the sound of that idea make you quake in your Vans?


Must See Movie: Mully October 3-5

on September 27, 2017 by

Mully, 28 years of rescuing thousands of outcast orphans and raising them as his own children

TEAM - American football concept


on September 27, 2017 by

Walt Mueller

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52 Family Dinner Discussions

on September 27, 2017 by

by ParentMinistry

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The Streetlights App

on September 26, 2017 by

Students study the Bible through creative audio presentations of various biblical texts set to musical tracks


Snoop Dogg Is Releasing A Gospel Album?

on September 26, 2017 by

This Is Why the Local Church Should Care

Germany Star Wars Church

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Kids To Church

on September 26, 2017 by

….Even When It Feels Pointless

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20 Retreat Hacks

on September 23, 2017 by

Many of you have a retreat coming up this fall here are 20 hacks you could still use to enhance your time…

Bible study

Why Kids Need Exegetical Bible Teaching For The Long Haul

on September 23, 2017 by

The “What” and the “Why” of Exegetical Bible Teaching for Kids

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Smartphones: The New Teen Mental Health Crisis..Values

on September 22, 2017 by

The generation that’s grown up with cellphones are less social and more prone to depression. Psychiatrist Jean Twenge

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Teen Sexting Codes

on September 22, 2017 by

More than 33 percent of teenagers have engaged in sexting and 20 percent have sent nude photos.

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A Letter To Senior Pastors….

on September 21, 2017 by

It’s about the kids in your congregation and the powerful role that you play


From Intention To Action

on September 21, 2017 by

Elevating leadership beyond good intentions’

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God In The Gap Year

on September 21, 2017 by

Why do students take a gap year? How do parents know if a gap year is a good decision for their child?


College Transition Connection

on September 19, 2017 by

Campus Ministry Link is a way to connect students with campus ministries, on any college campus across the nation

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5 Reasons Your Youth Ministry May Never Grow

on September 18, 2017 by

Let’s make sure that we are doing everything that we can to grow our ministry!

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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament

on September 18, 2017 by

Paying attention to the way a child behaves and acts in different situations allows us to gain a better insight into our…


How To Talk To Your Kids About Body Image…Values

on September 18, 2017 by

Having a Biblical body image is something many of us desire to grow into. I know I do! It’s one in…

A loving young couple hugging and kissing on the beach. Lovers man and woman barefoot in the wet sand. Summer in love.

Is Abstinence-Only Education Really Ineffective?

on September 17, 2017 by

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen people bashing abstinence programs. Back in 2004 a report prepared for House Democrats shredded abstinence…

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Stalking Your Daughter

on September 17, 2017 by

Yesterday I told my friend Brian, “I hope you don’t mind, I stalked your daughter last week on her Instagram

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Is Getting Wasted Really A Big Deal?

on September 17, 2017 by

“Mom, smoking weed really isn’t a big deal.”

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Better Family Engagement In Ministry

on September 15, 2017 by

Search Institute’s Don’t Forget the Families Study…re-examining assumptions about family engagement


5 Ways To Engage Families As Partners In Ministry

on September 15, 2017 by

Brad M. Griffin


Communication And Identity

on September 14, 2017 by

Here’s a simple breakdown of these three facets of communication and how they can work best for any ministry.


Navigating Sports Schedules

on September 14, 2017 by

Every fall offers the same challenge: clashing schedules of the sports and the youth ministry calendar


Inviting Grandparents In

on September 12, 2017 by

Even if your relationship with your parents isn’t all that you wish it could be, your parents want to be a part…


5 Brutal Facts About Children’s Ministry….

on September 12, 2017 by

What You Can Do About It

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6 Strategies For Engaging The Hurting Teen

on September 8, 2017 by

What would you tell Courtney? The question of pain and suffering is one we face a lot in youth ministry

Grace Helbig E tv youth culture report

5 Reasons I Recommend The Youth Culture Report

on September 8, 2017 by

After many years in youth ministry there is now a news resource that I can recommend and encourage you to use…


Youth Workers Are You Giving Parents Bubbles?

on September 7, 2017 by

Walt Mueller

Youth workers are you giving parents bubbles


Fellow College Students, Please Join A Local Church

on September 7, 2017 by

We should have the same reaction to Christian college students who are not joined to a local church

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Connecting On School Campuses

on September 6, 2017 by

Here are a few ways we’ve been successful in connecting with school campuses


Discussion: Mom Shames Daughter For Racy Post

on September 6, 2017 by

Discussion Starters for Student Small Groups


Dear College Freshman: 5 Ways To Stay Strong In The Lord

on September 5, 2017 by

Perhaps you already know today’s typical college scene isn’t hospitable toward serious followers of Christ. In reality, it’s quite inhospitable, a spiritual…


Flashback: Why Teens Leave the Church

on September 5, 2017 by

“How do we get our teens to stay connected after they graduate high school?”


Flashback: Canadian Study Of Young People And The Church

on September 5, 2017 by

Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying and Returning to Church

Dare2share outreach lersgo

Dare 2 Share Live Student Outreach Event. Sep 23rd

on September 4, 2017 by

Inspirational Gospel training event…the Saturday before See You at the Pole!


7 Ways To Deal With Doubt

on September 1, 2017 by

Two-Thirds of Christians face doubt


Don’t Fumble This Amazing Opportunity…Values

on August 31, 2017 by

30% of students never make the transition from the children’s ministry to the youth ministry

student-pastors youth group

Flashback: Better Planning For A Better Fall

on August 31, 2017 by

Now is the time to plan to make the most of each moment. Here are a few enhancements that you can make

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Principal Offers $100 To Students To GiveUp Their Screens

on August 30, 2017 by

Tech Talk Tuesday #82

Selfie social media culture cell

The Ever-Increasing Impact Of Social Media

on August 30, 2017 by

Is It Changing Kids From the Inside Out?

Group of high school students talking and laughing in a hallway between classes

Back To School Conversations

on August 30, 2017 by

Jonathan McKee


Help Dads Fight Pornography

on August 30, 2017 by

68% of men in church view pornography on a regular basis


Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over Hate….

on August 28, 2017 by

D. James Kennedy Ministries…against the Southern Poverty Law Center and Amazon for defamation



on August 25, 2017 by

Girls are wired to learn through being social and relationships, boys are hardwired for activity and movement



on August 25, 2017 by

There are no differences in what girls and boys can learn. But there are big differences in the way to teach them


…Level Up As A Leader

on August 25, 2017 by

Questions To Ask Yourself To Level Up As A Leader

student-pastors youth group

Better Parent Meetings

on August 24, 2017 by

It’s time to start thinking about what the parents need. Consider the following

Group Of Teenagers Sharing Text Message On Mobile Phones

Effective Ways To Motivate Spiritually Apathetic Teenagers

on August 24, 2017 by

by Greg Stier

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Memes Are Not Your Friend

on August 21, 2017 by

Relational intimacy in a digital world has been re-imagined

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Improve Your Relationship With Your Lead Pastor

on August 21, 2017 by

6 Steps to Improve Your Relationship with Your Lead Pastor

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Family Research Council Advises Day Of Prayer For Americas Healing

on August 20, 2017 by

“We are no longer talking to each other – only screaming at one another. We are like a married couple in crisis.”

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Why Your Family Needs To Play And Have Fun Together

on August 19, 2017 by

The opposite of play is not in fact work, as you might have guessed, but it’s actually depression


A Youth Minister’s Back-To-School Checklist

on August 18, 2017 by

3 Things You Might Forget…getting ready for the new youth ministry year

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5 Things….Before You Send Your Kid To College

on August 18, 2017 by

A college administrator offers counsel on coming of age and higher e


Thou Shalt Not Bail

on August 18, 2017 by

The bailing trend is an understandable byproduct of a busy culture. But is it Christian?

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Flashback: 5 Pitfalls To Your Youth Ministry’s…

on August 17, 2017 by

Christopher Wesley

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9th Grade Is A Year Of Awakening. It’s Like The Moment…

on August 16, 2017 by

Rediscover your ninth grader with fresh eyes, and empower them to rediscover who they are.

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The Empty Promise Of Stuff

on August 15, 2017 by

Walt Mueller

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Warning: The 8 Crucial Social Media Guidelines

on August 15, 2017 by

Please don’t mess up in this area. It’s easier than you realize!