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Teen Boys Don Dresses To Protest School Dress Code

on February 5, 2016 by

“By allowing the dress code to become gender neutral, we are starting to bridge the gap of acceptance and unacceptance,”


Book: “Storify: Speaking To Teenagers In A Post-Christian World

on February 5, 2016 by

Solid resource, especially for someone who hasn’t had a ton of instruction on speaking/preaching to teenagers


10 Youth Pastor Expectations For Churches On Day One

on February 3, 2016 by

You and I walk into a church with expectations of our own

20-Youth-Pastor-Expectations (1)

20 Expectations Churches Have From Youth Pastors On Day One

on February 3, 2016 by

Most Youth Pastors are ill prepared to tackle all of the unsaid, assumed expectations

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Flashback: A New Way To Get High Marijuana ‘Dabbing’

on February 2, 2016 by

Marijuana ‘Dabbing’ Is ‘Exploding Onto The Drug-Use Scene’

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The Demographics Of Smartphone Ownership

on February 1, 2016 by

Cellphone ownership is common across all major demographic groups, though older adults tend to lag behind their younger counterparts


What Selfies In America vs. China Can Tell Us About Beauty Standards

on January 29, 2016 by

What actually constitutes a good angle — or a good selfie overall — is rooted in what we consider beautiful, and that…

People Skills for Youth Pastors youth ministry

Book: People Skills for Youth Pastors

on January 27, 2016 by

33 Ways to Meet More People and Make a Bigger Difference in Youth Ministry


3 Pathways To Partnering With Parents

on January 26, 2016 by

Helping parents disciple their kids


The Perfect Breast Shape…For Reconstructive Surgery

on January 25, 2016 by

British researchers surveyed more more than 1,300 men and women…


Sweden Gov. Report Blows Lid On Violent Diverse School

on January 21, 2016 by

Where Kids Beat Teachers, Riot

Counterculture-womanHOT CHICK GIRL

Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 Winners

on January 20, 2016 by

The Complete List

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Making Content Fit in Youth Ministry

on January 19, 2016 by

Contextualization of content is the process that we go through in order to adapt content to…

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Is Your Youth Group A Real Christian Community?

on January 19, 2016 by

7 characteristics of Christian Community


Flashback: Sermon Preparation Process

on January 19, 2016 by

Having a method or template for your sermon preparation can be really helpful and time-saving

Portrait of a laughing man pointing at you

Modern Psychology…Find Yourself

on January 19, 2016 by

Philip Yancey

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Three Themes To Rotate Your Lessons Around

on January 18, 2016 by

Youth Ministry 101: Let’s Talk About What We Should Talk About


Teens & Youth Pastors Struggle With Porn, New Study Shows

on January 17, 2016 by

Teen boys and girls view pornography weekly according to a study commissioned by the Josh McDowell Ministry


Habits Of Successful People [infographic]

on January 16, 2016 by

Good and Bad Habits of Smart People from entrepreneur magazine


Why Daughters Need Their Dads

on January 15, 2016 by

Fathers, more than anyone else, set the course for a daughter’s life


The Top 5 Reasons That These 734 Ex-Pastors Quit

on January 14, 2016 by

…and Why It Matters

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How To Handle A Negative Youth Leader

on January 14, 2016 by

Someone who’s always complaining, often against whatever you’re saying or proposing, taking others down with him or her?

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Study: Teens And Substance Abuse

on January 14, 2016 by

Institute for Social Research

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5 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2016

on January 13, 2016 by

Church leaders, if you want to raise attendance, raise engagement


If You Want To Ensure Your Kids Will Be On The “The Bachelor”

on January 12, 2016 by

Teach your kids that connections are more important than commitment

Teenage Boys Drinking Beer

U.S. Teens Smoked, Drank,And Used Drugs Less In 2015

on January 10, 2016 by

Jim Liebelt

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App Makers Reach Out To The Teenager On Mobile

on January 8, 2016 by

Teens love Instagram, the photo-sharing app, but are terrified their posts will be ignored or mocked

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‘Religious Traditions of Great Britain Are, In the Main, Christian’

on January 6, 2016 by

British Education Secretary Defends Prioritizing Religion Over Atheism in Schools

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94% Of Teen Girls Admit They Have Been Shamed Because Of Their Physique

on January 5, 2016 by

A mom who was not self-critical of her own weight made them nearly 40% more likely to be body positive


How Good Parents Miss Child Sexual Abuse

on January 2, 2016 by

5 Questions to Change That

bullying youth culture report

Powerful Video Response To Cyberbullying

on January 1, 2016 by

Girl Creates Powerful Video Message After Friend Falls Victim to Cyberbullying

TEAM - American football concept

Hazing Still Common In Collegiate And Youth Sports

on December 30, 2015 by

Hazing is not a mental health disorder, however, the issues that surround it have a clear mental health impact

Girl playing hookey and drinking alcohol

Binge Drinking Even More Harmful Than You Think?

on December 29, 2015 by

New study reveals serious liver damage linked to chronic alcohol use


French See Their Youth Add To ISIS Ranks In Syria

on December 26, 2015 by

In France, the West’s biggest supplier of foreign fighters in Syria…a slow-motion tragedy


Kylie Jenner Just Restocked Her Lip Kits Online

on December 25, 2015 by

She is still capitalizing on the idea that beauty goodies can give you a rather plump pout

Counterculture-womanHOT CHICK GIRL

Plastic Surgeon Says Kylie Jenner Led To A Boom In Lip Surgery Among Teens

on December 25, 2015 by

I started getting a lot of requests from 17-year-old girls, 18-year-old girls, really young girls


U.S. Plans Raids To Deport Families Who Surged Across Border

on December 24, 2015 by

The adults and children would be detained wherever they can be found and immediately deported

Girls moving house

High School Students Risk Suffering Academically When Families Move

on December 20, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt


Students sing ‘Allah Akbar’ at holiday concert

on December 19, 2015 by

By Todd Starnes

drinking drunk teen

Alcohol And Kids

on December 16, 2015 by

by Walt Mueller

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Study: Affluent Teens Twice As Likely To Drink Regularly

on December 16, 2015 by

Middle-class parents warned against introducing children to alcohol at home


The Truth About Sex & College

on December 15, 2015 by

A closer look at the ‘rape culture’ phenomenon and the flawed university court systems handling the cases

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Leneita Fix: “Christmas, Girls, & Body Image”

on December 14, 2015 by

“You’re so lucky, you can see you’re ribs. I wish that I could.”


Teens Are Still Bad Drivers

on December 13, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Judge Rules Ban On Saggy Pants Unconstitutional

Students Jailed For Saggy Pants

on December 12, 2015 by

Having to serve 48 hours at the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Complex. “I really didn’t like it.”

distracted CELL parents KIDS

UK: Explicit Sex Ads Placed In Smartphone app For Children

on December 10, 2015 by

“Irresponsible placing” led to the running of adverts featuring naked women and explicit sexual messages in a popular children’s smartphone app about…


Grammy Nominations 2016

on December 9, 2015 by

Full List of Nominees


Parents’ Biggest Concerns About Movie Content Revealed

on December 9, 2015 by

The survey, which was conducted by Nielson…included 1,488 parents

LOVE DATE Sexuality

Teens More Cautious About Sex When Parents Set Rules

on December 9, 2015 by

“Parents really matter, and they’re influential,”


6 Questions To Ask Every Time You Post

on December 7, 2015 by

Before you post on social media, ask yourself these six questions

Texas Muslim Student-Clock

Muslim Valedictorian At “Clock Boy’s” School Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb…

on December 6, 2015 by

“Clock Boy’s” fake tale of Islamophobia burst into flames this Monday when a former Muslim peer at MacArthur High School in Irving,…

baby jesus mativitie

The 62 Worst And Weirdest Nativities

on December 4, 2015 by


austria isis girl

ISIS ‘Poster Girl’ Reportedly Killed For Trying To Escape

on December 3, 2015 by

Austrian teen allegedly beaten to death in Syria


The Butterfly Life Of Teenagers

on December 2, 2015 by

Rick Lawrence


Inside The Mind Of A Teenage Girl – I Looked In The Mirror!

on December 1, 2015 by

I am older now, graduated and I often think that now I am older, surely I should get over these issues that…

Teenage Problems, Social Issues and Bullying

Teens (girls) Who Weigh Themselves Have More Body Issues

on November 30, 2015 by

Weighing yourself frequently is linked to some negative health effects in teens, especially for girls


Flipagram Could Be Bigger Than Instagram

on November 30, 2015 by


7 Life Lessons From 43 Years

on November 26, 2015 by

George Lockhart


How To Set Your Schedule

on November 25, 2015 by

5 Practical Steps to Avoid Doing Ministry Minute to Minute


6 Practices Growing Leaders Embrace (Longer Version)

on November 24, 2015 by

Bluntly: there is no growth without risk


The New Hunger Games Results

on November 23, 2015 by

True Communion In The Age Of Social Media

on November 22, 2015 by


2015 Latin Grammy Awards

on November 20, 2015 by

Full Winners List

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Feelings Hurt In High School Linger Long After Graduation

on November 19, 2015 by

I would rather walk barefoot across broken glass than spend another minute with my high school class


4 Public Speaking Mistakes New Youth Pastors Make

on November 19, 2015 by

“If you aren’t comfortable, your students won’t be comfortable. You have to appear confident, not nervous.”


Keep Talking, Even When They’re Not Listening

on November 18, 2015 by

Research tells us the four main influencers in a teenager’s life are their parents, their peers, their community, and society.


Our Ministry: Prayers And Updates

on November 17, 2015 by

From Nigeria to Georgia…

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Why Youth Ministry Needs More Empathy Toward Parents

on November 17, 2015 by

Frustrations with parents who didn’t do what I needed them to do

School teen girls

High School Principal Lectures Teen Girls To ‘Cover Up!’ To Preserve Virginity

on November 16, 2015 by

“I’m coming at this from a biblical and Christian perspective,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “In Timothy 2, Verse 9, it says

sunset youthministry

The Best Youth Ministry Strategy I’ve Seen

on November 15, 2015 by

To lead effective, balanced, healthy youth ministry, you need to pay attention to these eight “P”s

Stressed out student in hallway of school building.

‘Double Standard, Hypocrisy, Bigotry’ of College Protests

on November 13, 2015 by

It is ‘free speech for me but not for thee’ and universities should not tolerate this kind of hypocrisy,”


Dangerous Lies Teens Believe About Cohabitation Before Marriage

on November 13, 2015 by

“Rich and long-lasting relationships come from making a strong decision of commitment.”

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Broward Commission Passes Loosened Marijuana Rules

on November 11, 2015 by

hollywood sign

Hollywood salaries revealed

on November 11, 2015 by

From execs to extras, who makes what

student girl teen

Sticky Faith Family Training [DVD]

on November 10, 2015 by

Includes five short films and discussion guide

UGLY SELFIES the youth culture report

When Does Teen Sexting Become Child Porn?

on November 8, 2015 by

2 Teens were accused of being both the victims of child pornography and the perpetrators of the crime

katy .. perry

Katy Perry Is The Highest-Paid Woman In Music

on November 6, 2015 by

Katy Perry is racking in $135 million in just the past year thanks to her Prismatic world tour

middle school students youth culture

8th Grader Given Detention For Hugs Speaks Out

on November 6, 2015 by

A Florida middle school girl who was punished for giving her friends hugs goes ‘On the Record’ with Greta

pot pot smoke

Flashback: Commercialization Of Legal Pot Has Led To ‘Epidemic’ For Kids

on November 5, 2015 by

The results of a new study about the impact of Colorado’s marijuana legalization is raising troubling questions for parents

houston bathroom LGBT

Here’s How Houston Voted On Controversial “Bathroom” Ballot Measure

on November 4, 2015 by

At the polls, more than 60 percent of voters rejected the measur


District Has 30 Days to Change Transgender Student Locker Room Policy or Lose Federal Funds

on November 4, 2015 by

Government is putting the preferences of transgender students ahead of the privacy rights of other students


Gaga : Why Am I Unhappy?

on November 3, 2015 by

We’re not actually communicating with each other. We are unconsciously communicating lies

family dav willis

Benefits Of Family For Children And Adults

on November 3, 2015 by


Compulsive Texting Takes Toll On Teenagers

on November 2, 2015 by

Does your teenager have a texting problem?

church cross

Franklin Graham Blasts Political Correctness And The Moral Decline In Culture

on November 1, 2015 by

Reveals Exactly What He Believes Society Desperately Needs

Prescription Drugs

Narcotic Painkiller Use in Adolescence May Raise Risk of Abuse in Adulthood

on October 31, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Gavin Grimm

Feds Back Transgender Teenager In School Restroom Dispute

on October 30, 2015 by

Can schools prevent transgender students from using the restrooms that correspond with their gender identities?


Students Speak Out After Cop Is Caught On Camera Forcefully Arresting Girl

on October 28, 2015 by

“classic example” of a growing confusion..over the role of the administration vs. that of law enforcement


Values: Good Kids Or Godly Kids?

on October 27, 2015 by

We often aim for behavior modification over spiritual transformation

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Book: Speaking To Teenagers In A Post-Christian World

on October 27, 2015 by

by Rachel Blom

Woman with insomnia

Adolescence: A Season of Pressure…To Belong

on October 26, 2015 by

Doug Fields

Car crash

Parents Underestimate Biggest Threat To Teen Safety: Cars

on October 25, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

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Students Charged For Taking Pot-Laced Candy To School

on October 23, 2015 by

Students were caught passing marijuana-laced Skittles candy to other students


That Stat That Says Pastors Are All Miserable And Want To Quit (Part 1)

on October 22, 2015 by

Ed Stetzer

keep it quiet

How To Get A Room Full Of Teens To Listen

on October 22, 2015 by

Here are 3 secrets to getting a room full of teens to listen to you, for instance when you’re doing announcements, or…


The New Frontier Of Family Ministry

on October 21, 2015 by

The landscape of the family is changing, and the church is facing a new frontier of family ministry

american flag youth culture

Hero Protects Kids…

on October 19, 2015 by

75-yr-old Army veteran saves 16 kids from teen with knife


What’s Hot?

on October 18, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

youth culture street

Top 10

on October 17, 2015 by

News From The Youth Culture Report


What The Sexual Revolution Got Wrong And What We Must Get Right

on October 16, 2015 by

by Walt Mueller