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Cyberbullies More Likely To Attempt Suicide

on August 17, 2017 by

Cyberbullies are 20 percent more likely to attempt suicide than others, according to a report

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9th Grade Is A Year Of Awakening. It’s Like The Moment…

on August 16, 2017 by

Rediscover your ninth grader with fresh eyes, and empower them to rediscover who they are.


Fitness Blogger…Focusing On Your Assets, Not Your Flaws

on August 15, 2017 by

Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things which catches my eyes are my FLAWS


Flashback: At Age 6, Girls Already Feel Less Talented

on August 15, 2017 by

Let’s Affirm Girls

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Obesity In Teen Years Tied To Colon Cancer Risk In Adulthood

on August 12, 2017 by

Overweight and obese teens in Israel had about a 53 percent higher risk for colon cancer as adults

HONG KONG - SEPTEMBER 1: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY)  In this handout photo provided by Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are seen in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the new Disneyland Park on September 1, 2005 in Hong Kong.  The new theme park and vacation resort will officially open September 12.   (Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images)

Disney Sued For Collecting Private Information From Children via Game Apps

on August 11, 2017 by

Disney has been accused of collecting personal information about children before..fined $3 million


America Has A Tattoo Problem?

on August 9, 2017 by

About 1 in 5 Americans have tattoos, and among 18-29 year-olds the latest figures peg those with ink at 40%


A Teacher…Just Saved Two Kids From Sexual Abuse

on August 7, 2017 by

A teacher’s nosiness on a plane just saved two kids from sexual abuse

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The Facts About Online Predators Every Parent Should…

on August 6, 2017 by

Talking to kids and teens about online predators gives them the tools they need to handle themselves in a web-based world

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Book: 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

on August 2, 2017 by

Do You Control Your Phone — Or Does Your Phone Control You?


Flashback: How To Evaluate Your Youth Ministry

on August 1, 2017 by

Summer offers a good time for evaluation


Top Questions To Ask College Students…..

on July 31, 2017 by

The first 2 weeks in college is crucial. Students make key decisions about sex, drinking, and church or on-campus ministry.


The 4 Types Of Students On Every Mission Trip

on July 28, 2017 by

There are only 4 types of teenagers that go on mission trips. See if you can recognize them in their habitat


Mother Son Transition Transgender Father Daughter

on July 28, 2017 by

A transgender mother and son from Detroit are transitioning together to become father and daughter.

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Flashback: Chance…Black Boys Are Worth Fighting For

on July 25, 2017 by

Chance also is an activist for justice, a voice of reason and a vivid reminder that young black men are worth fighting…


Keeping The Spark In Your Marriage Alive

on July 23, 2017 by

Over time, every couple’s relationship can become predictable. Romance, sex, and even conversation can become routine or nonexistent

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Chronic Depression In Young Teens Tied To Marijuana

on July 21, 2017 by

Research carried out by scientists investigating depression in early teenage years and the use of marijuana later in life has found a…

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Sexy Songs Of Summer

on July 17, 2017 by

This Season’s Hits Aren’t Short on Sensuality

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Marijuana Use Linked to Greater Psychosis Risk in Teens

on July 14, 2017 by

Teenagers who increase their marijuana use are more likely to experience psychotic-like episodes.

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Teen Electrocuted By Cell Phone

on July 12, 2017 by

…awareness of not using your cell phone in the bathroom as it is plugged in and charging

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Schools Rethink Meal-Debt Policies…

on July 7, 2017 by

New Mexico has already passed a law that prevents schools from denying healthy lunches to students

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4 Things To Do Now To Hit Your Goals For The Fall

on July 6, 2017 by

If summer is time to slow down and put the brakes on, I think fall is like getting shot out of a…

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Generation Z’s Relationship With Music

on July 4, 2017 by

YouTube is the most pervasive entertainment platform for Gen Z, peaking at 94% monthly penetration among 16-19 year olds.


Starting School Early May Impair Child’s Mental Health

on July 2, 2017 by

The youngest pupils in each school year group could be at risk of worse mental health than their older classmates


Talking With Our Kids About Katy Perry

on June 27, 2017 by

What will our kids hear from Katy this time around? More importantly, how can you talk with them about what they hear?

Surprised Teenager with Cellphone under Blanket at the Home

When Teens Regret What They Post

on June 27, 2017 by

Jonathan McKee

education, bullying, violence, aggression and people concept - student boy suffering of classmate mockery

Childhood Bullying Linked to Increased Health Risks in Adulthood

on June 24, 2017 by

Childhood bullying may lead to long-lasting health consequences, impacting psychosocial risk factors for cardiovascular health

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Aligning Next-Gen Ministries In Your Church

on June 21, 2017 by

Part 1

group youth team leadership

Aligning Next-Gen Ministries In Your Church

on June 21, 2017 by

Part 2

group youth team leadership

Aligning Next-Gen Ministries In Your Church

on June 21, 2017 by


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Free Speech Has Been Sacrificed On College Campuses

on June 20, 2017 by

….in the name of political correctness

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How To Pass Your Faith To Your Kids

on June 18, 2017 by

God specifically places the responsibility for nurturing a child’s spiritual development on parents — not the church!

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Inspiring Story Of Lynsi Snyder: CEO Of In And Out

on June 17, 2017 by

I’m a total In and Out Burger Fan. I’m even more a fan of the owner of In and Out, Lynsi Synder….

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Dad Interviewed His Daughter On The First Day Of School For 12 Years In A Row …

on June 13, 2017 by

Now She’s Graduating. This particular project is surely a reminder for us to look around and appreciate those we love today

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Witnessing Parental Psychological Abuse May Do More Harm Than Physical Abuse

on June 11, 2017 by

Childhood exposure to parental psychological abuse appears to be more damaging to children’s future mental health than witnessing physical violence between parents


Harvard Withdraws 10 Acceptances For ‘Offensive’ Memes In Private Group Chat

on June 10, 2017 by

The Facebook messaging group was at one point titled “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.”

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Dealing with Drug Problems

on June 8, 2017 by

Preventing and Treating Drug Abuse

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Facebook Developing ‘Talk,’ A Messaging Service For Teens

on June 6, 2017 by

Social media powerhouse reportedly seeks to extend its reach to a younger demographic


Bodybuilder Writes Honest Letter About Accepting Her Body

on June 5, 2017 by

She writes about the struggles she’s gone through in dealing with the body feature and how it’s affected her life since she…

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Evergreen Evacuates Campus Due To ‘Direct Threat,’

on June 2, 2017 by

…. will remain closed Friday

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The Secret Online World Of British Teens

on May 30, 2017 by

How streaks, deep likes and ghosting define young lives

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Islam On Track To Overtake Christianity As World’s No. 1 Religion

on May 29, 2017 by

Pew Research Center study projects Muslim population in America will double by 2050

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Parents’ Digital Distractions Linked To Kids’ Behavioral Issues

on May 28, 2017 by

Low amounts, interruptions to parent-child time caused by digital technology are associated with child behavior problems

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Resources For Parents Wanting To Break Kids’ Electronics Usage Habits

on May 27, 2017 by

We wanted to provide our viewers with resources for more information, support and how to help others


Teen Banned From Prom For Getting Her Hair Done

on May 24, 2017 by

Banned from prom since she didn’t attend enough classes that day, according to the schoo

Video-Game-Controller china time

Video Game Addiction

on May 23, 2017 by

Is compulsive video gaming is a modern-day psychological disorder?


How This Teen Fell Into A World Of Secret Sexting, Alcohol And Drugs

on May 22, 2017 by

How she managed to recover from her attachment to her phone and social media

Clever Hispanic teenager watching parents watch his text messaging

How To Help Parents Set Good Boundaries For Their Kids

on May 20, 2017 by

“My 16-year-old wants Instagram and I won’t let her have it. Is that bad?”


MS-13 Gang Members Nabbed In 50 Los Angeles Raids

on May 19, 2017 by

MS-13 makes money from extortions, kidnappings, drug and weapons trafficking and human trafficking


WHAT Teen Girls See When They Look In The Mirror

on May 18, 2017 by

When you’re a skinny child of fifteen, with braces from ear to ear, you doubt that you will ever be appealing,”

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Are We Forcing Our Youth Out Of Church?

on May 17, 2017 by

Besides the moments in ministry where I have gone and put my foot in my mouth…

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UK: Top Private School Brings In Skirts For Boys Amidst ‘Surge’ In ‘Trans Children’

on May 15, 2017 by

Transgenderism was more prominent and persistent amongst children when promoted by adults

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Helping Preschool Aged Children With Divorce

on May 15, 2017 by

The parents get so caught up in their own struggles that they don’t pay attention/realize what their kids are going through.


Parents Attacking Students’ In Revenge For Attack On Their Kids

on May 12, 2017 by

Shocking video emerged showing vicious fight between students and parents


Guilty Of Inciting Religious Hatred — For Playing ‘Pokémon Go’ In Church

on May 12, 2017 by

That’s what you get for posting a profanity-laced YouTube video of yourself playing…in one of Russia’s holiest places

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Infographic: Marijuana And The Teen Brain

on May 10, 2017 by

With legalization of marijuana happening in a growing number of states, it’s easy for kids to buy the lie that marijuana…


Cops Fatally Shoot BB Gun-Toting 15-Year-Old

on May 8, 2017 by

Cops said the boy pulled the firearm from his waistband, aimed it at the officers and walked toward them. He refused their…


ALBUM REVIEW: 13 Reasons Why (A NETFLIX Original Series Soundtrack)

on May 7, 2017 by

The soundtrack for this teen suicide may in some ways be more problematic than the show itself

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Overall Youth Violence On The Decline In U.S.

on May 6, 2017 by

New research contradicts the popular wisdom, finding that youth violence has sharply declined over the last decade

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Youth Ministry’s Deadliest Challenge

on May 5, 2017 by

Suicide is the #3 killer for kids ages 10-14, and #2 for ages 15-24. Chances are,…

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GW’s student government rejected a proposal to divest from companies that do business with Israel.

on May 4, 2017 by

After more than four hours of contentious debate, the student government rejected a proposal to divest from companies that do business with…

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3 Powerful Ways to Maximize Your Summer Ministry

on May 3, 2017 by

Students are already in summer mode. Are you ready for them?

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Awana: Youth Ministry Apologetics Student Curriculum Q & A Intro.Video

on May 2, 2017 by

We collected questions about the new Journey Advocates curriculum and sat down with Steve Kozak, Director of Awana Youth Ministries, and asked…


1 In 8 Children In California Schools Have An Undocumented Parent

on May 1, 2017 by

Over 1.9 million children under 18 years old in Cal live in a household with at least one undocumented family member. Based…

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This Question Changed Youth Ministry For Me

on May 1, 2017 by

Walt Mueller

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Finding Motivation When It’s Gone

on May 1, 2017 by

Maybe you have been there before…So, what do you do? How do you find motivation when it is gone? Here is what…

Students Using Laptops And Digital Tablets In Lecture

College Students May Forget Class Content to Protect Self-Image

on April 29, 2017 by

Forgetting content from a stressful math class may be one way to protect an individual’s belief that they are good at math


Teen Brawl At mall Involved Up To 60 People

on April 26, 2017 by

Facebook posts suggest the fight was premeditated


Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Ali: There Was Too Much Sex On ‘The Bachelor’

on April 24, 2017 by

That’s not what love is. Love is not having to prove your sexuality. It’s so much more than that


What American Teens Want To Be When They Grow Up

on April 23, 2017 by

When it comes to careers, young people have stars in their eyes, hoping to one day be athletes, artists, or entertainers

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Black Teens Are The Most Active….On Social Media And Messaging Apps

on April 22, 2017 by

​Instagram and Snapchat are Most Popular Social Networks for Teens

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Census: More Americans 18-to-34 Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse

on April 21, 2017 by

“There are now more young people living with their parents than in any other arrangement,”


5 Pitfalls To Your Youth Ministry’s Success

on April 19, 2017 by

By Christopher Wesley

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Flashback: 13 Reasons Why Shows That Teen Drama Is Darker Than Ever

on April 18, 2017 by

The series begins a week after she has committed suicide, leaving no note: she did, however, leave behind cassette tapes, 13 of…


Berkeley Cops Sit In Patrol Car And Watch As Trump Supporters Attacked

on April 17, 2017 by

VIDEO: I tell a police officer I’ve been seeing people get beat up all day and they haven’t been around. “Okay, and?”…

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Lent Questions Day 39 “It is finished”?

on April 15, 2017 by

by George Lockhart


MS-13 Gang Far Greater Threat Than ISIS

on April 14, 2017 by

MS-13 gang members’ link to a quadruple murder and a litany of other crimes around the nation shows we have a foreign…

Prescription Drugs

How The Pharmaceutical Industry Fits Into The Opioid Crisis

on April 13, 2017 by

An in-depth look at the relationship between money and addiction

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Popular Kids In Danger In Their 20’s

on April 13, 2017 by

Cool Kids are at greater risk…

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Lent Questions Day 38

on April 11, 2017 by

by George Lockhart

The Bible

Lent Questions Day 37

on April 10, 2017 by

by George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 36

on April 8, 2017 by

by George Lockhart


Lent Questions Day 35

on April 7, 2017 by

George Lockhart


Lent Questions Day 34

on April 6, 2017 by

George Lockhart

Graded_TB_Day17B_041712_CC_D3S7724 - Jesus (Diogo Morgado) at the Last Supper.

Lent Questions Day 33

on April 5, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 32

on April 5, 2017 by


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Lent Questions Day 31

on April 3, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 30

on April 1, 2017 by


Jesus - Web Size

Lent Questions Day 29

on March 31, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 28

on March 30, 2017 by

George Lockhart


Lent Questions Day 27

on March 29, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 26

on March 28, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Teach Teens Discernment

on March 27, 2017 by

How to Help Teens Pursue Discernment

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Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

on March 22, 2017 by

You’ll find faith leaders encouraging young evangelicals to trade in their Christian convictions for a gospel filled with compromise

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Lent Questions Day 19

on March 21, 2017 by

George Lockhart


Lent Questions Day 18

on March 20, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 17

on March 19, 2017 by

George Lockhart


Lent Questions Day 16

on March 19, 2017 by

George lockhart


Lent Questions Day 15

on March 17, 2017 by

George Lockhart

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Lent Questions Day 14

on March 16, 2017 by

George Lockhart