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On Letting Your Kids Go

on February 1, 2023 by

by Tim Challies

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Faith After The Pandemic

on January 31, 2023 by

Sean McDowell

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Parents Rank Youth Mental Health as Top Concern

on January 25, 2023 by

An analysis of 3,757 U.S. parents with children under the age of 18 found that roughly 40 percent say they are “extremely…

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A PrayerFor Our Children And Teens

on January 23, 2023 by

Walt Mueller

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13-Year-Old Girl Leads Police On 100 MPH Car Chase

on January 19, 2023 by

Inside the car, they also discovered a gun and some marijuana.

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Diocese Bans Preferred Pronouns & Protects Kids

on January 18, 2023 by

‘Finally, A Church That Is Acting Like A Church’. Insists On Traditional Bathrooms, Locker Rooms

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Mom Wisdom From Our Parents’ Generation

on January 16, 2023 by
Chloe Cole Lgbt

Chloe Cole Reveals How Her Family Was Coerced

on January 11, 2023 by

“People often talk about how the children in these situations are vulnerable, but it’s the families as a whole that are vulnerable,”


Athlete Benched For Refusing To Kneel To BLM Gets $100K

on January 10, 2023 by

She refused to side with not only called for police to be defunded but for the disruption of the nuclear family and…

FILE - In this Aug. 18, 2020 file photo, math teacher Doug Walters sits among empty desks as he takes part in a video conference with other teachers to prepare for at-home learning at Twentynine Palms Junior High School in Twentynine Palms, Calif. Most of California's 6 million public school students have not seen the inside of a classroom in 10 months. Gov. Gavin Newsom is hoping his $2 billion plan to resume in-person classes will get schools to reopen quickly. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

ChatGPT: The End Of High-School English

on January 7, 2023 by

I’ve been teaching English for 12 years, and I’m astounded by what ChatGPT can produce

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Court Strikes Down Transgender Mandate

on December 22, 2022 by

The mandate forces doctors and hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures on their patients even if this violates their conscience and best medical…


Teachers Unions Held Children’s Education Hostage

on December 22, 2022 by

Teachers unions held children’s education hostage to secure multiple multi-billion-dollar ransom payments from taxpayers

Young Thug

Young Thug Full documentary…Trial Is Set For Jan. 9. 2023

on December 22, 2022 by

The recent events reignited a decades-long conversation about the use of rap lyrics in courtrooms across the country

Young mother and her two little daughters sitting by a fireplace holding candles in a cozy dark living room on Christmas eve

What If This Was Your Last Christmas?

on December 21, 2022 by

Wow! This is a powerful blog by Brandon Janous and our friends at Parent Cue. This blog made me want to lean…


The Failure Of Youth Ministry

on December 18, 2022 by

And How to Fix It WEBINAR

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Not A Good Day For Female Athletes

on December 17, 2022 by

Allowing transgender students to compete on girls’ teams put biologically female athletes at a disadvantage and deprived them of honors and opportunities


Christmas Games

on December 15, 2022 by

Two Freebies for a Holly-Jolly Youth Event



on December 14, 2022 by

Many cited high rent, money concerns, and job losses as reasons why

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Last Minute Christmas Party Ideas

on December 12, 2022 by

We’ve all been there… Your plans fell through, something changed, or you just got too busy… and you have to come up…


What’s Hot

on December 9, 2022 by

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television, and movies

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Pandemic Stress Physically Aged Teens’ Brains

on December 8, 2022 by

Making their brain structures appear several years older than the brains of comparable peers before the pandemic

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Vaping Can Ruin Your Smile, Speed Up Development Of Cavities

on December 1, 2022 by

After inhaling, the sticky and sugary content of the vaping liquid sticks to the teeth — causing all the damage


The Balenciagas Of Neo-Paganism That Is Replacing Christianity?

on November 30, 2022 by

The Balenciagas Of An Anti-Christian World ‘Condemn’ Child Abuse While Castrating, Traumatizing, And Exploiting Kids

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All Healthy Volunteer Teams Have

on November 30, 2022 by

Over the last 15 years I have learned some things in regards to caring for and leading volunteers and I wanted to…

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A Boarding School Ban On Smartphones For Students And Staff

on November 29, 2022 by

“We found our students had disengaged more and more from real life as their phones became their world,”



the text summer camp made from modelling clay of different colors and some beach toys such as toy shovels and sand moulds, on a rustic wooden surface

Benefits Of Sleepaway Summer Camp

on November 28, 2022 by

Sleepaway summer camp can help promote essential socio-emotional abilities in kids, such as the ability to control oneself, cooperate, or help others

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Chinese Tiktok Promotes Transgenderism Inside USA…

on November 26, 2022 by

Growing Body Of Evidence Shows ‘Social Influence’ Is Causing Teens To Undergo Sex Changes

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For The Burdened Parent Of College- Aged And Young Adult Children

on November 26, 2022 by

So when you are tempted to beat yourself up for parenting failures (real or perceived), look up to see God’s smile upon…

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Teaching Christology And The Incarnation At Christmas

on November 26, 2022 by

In a culture where the majority of people self-identify as Christians, it’s important for youth workers (and all Christians, in general) to…

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Contextualizing The Gospel And Youth Culture

on November 16, 2022 by

Contextualization is really about effective communication and making sure what we say is the same thing that is received. I am not…

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Welcoming The Anxious Student To Youth Group

on November 14, 2022 by

As youth ministers, we are no strangers to the mental health crisis facing the teenagers we serve

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A Clearer Picture Of Developing Teen Brain

on November 12, 2022 by

A critical period for neuroplasticity in the frontal cortex during the teenage years, a time at which risk-taking behaviors and mental illness…

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Flashback: Parents Matter

on November 12, 2022 by

Sharing life together with the parents allowed me to set an example to strengthen the relationship between the students and parents

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Recovering The Art Of Christian Persuasion…by Os Guinness

on November 11, 2022 by

In our post-Christian context, public life has become markedly more secular and private life infinitely more diverse

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LGBT: How To Respond If Your Child Comes Out Today

on November 9, 2022 by

by Melissa Keffler

Young blond man reading the Bible with bright green background

We Need More Than Theology

on November 9, 2022 by

by Christian Vargus


Nurturing Faith In Teens

on November 9, 2022 by

5 ways you can nurture faith that goes beyond youth group


Battling Pornography

on November 2, 2022 by

We have a generation of young people for whom the call to repentance must include a call to turn from porn


What’s Hot?

on October 31, 2022 by

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television, and movies


Fla. Board Of Medicine Votes To Ban Pediatric ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care

on October 29, 2022 by

Which now moves to the Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine for approval

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Why Black And Hispanic Families Are Moving Towards Republicans

on October 28, 2022 by

Democrat party is allowing men to play in women’s sports, and into women’s locker rooms, sexualizing your children, emptying prisons, opening the…

Photo of three generations males in nature drinking warm tea.

Book: A New Kind Of Diversity

on October 27, 2022 by

Making the Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage

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Gen Z Mental Health Crisis: How Pastors Can Make A Difference

on October 26, 2022 by

Anyone who works with Gen Z is facing a mental health crisis in this generation at levels they’ve never seen before

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Adolescent Suicide: Number, Prayer, and a Helpful Handout

on October 25, 2022 by

Walt Muller

Sad lgbt girl face

Suicide Prevention And Additional Notes…

on October 25, 2022 by

Our teens desperately for need for the adults in their lives to be equipped to share Biblical truth and hope whenever the…

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Starting Out In Youthministry

on October 24, 2022 by

3 Things I Would Tell Myself as a Newer Youth Worker


The Detransition Diaries: Saving Our Sisters

on October 22, 2022 by

Documentary on young women who went through medical gender transition, with cross-sex hormones and surgeries, and regret it

Chicago Pt

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Reverses On School Choice Program…

on October 20, 2022 by

…he once pledged to ‘do away with’. Again in April 2018, he said, “I’m opposed to that $75 million tax credit, that school voucher…

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“The Dechurched And Ministry To Students”

on October 19, 2022 by

Young people are leaving the church because they feel they do not belong to Christianity, they do not believe the Christian faith,…

SUPER GIRLS _camp-700x393

How To Measure Success In Post-Pandemic Ministry

on October 17, 2022 by

Youth ministry is not dead. Youth ministry is not even dying. Contrary to how we all may feel while climbing out of…

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Does Church Really Help My Kid?

on October 14, 2022 by

by Jonathan McKee: 3 Ways to Help Our Kids Tap into Truth


Mom Responds To School Groomers Promoting “Family-Friendly” Drag Show.

on October 14, 2022 by

Probably, nothing will change until enough mama bears sink their teeth and claws into these crooked pedophiles and grooming school administrators and…


Video Shows Rape Suspect Abducting 14-year-old Girl In Los Angeles

on October 13, 2022 by

As soft-on-crime LA District Attorney George Gascón — whose woke policies have been blamed for rising crime the city and surrounding areas…

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Dr’s To Screen EVERY Child Over 8 For Anxiety?

on October 12, 2022 by

This might lead to dependency on highly addictive drugs

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Young Women Are Trending Liberal. Young Men Are Not

on October 8, 2022 by

“Putting off marriage, going to college, entering the workforce, women are doing that at much higher rates than they used to,”

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Advice From A College Student: Go To Church

on October 8, 2022 by

Go to church your first Sunday in college. The most influential, biblically founded advice for me in my freshman year of college

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Tim Keller: Why Does Anyone Become A Christian?

on October 7, 2022 by

Tim Keller is one of the greatest thinkers in our world today. I loved his thoughts on Why Does Anyone Become a…

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Reframing The Work Of Youth Leaders

on October 6, 2022 by

When young people are adopted into the body of Christ and the local church family, youth ministry shifts from ministry FOR teenagers…

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NY. Hospital, Courts Attempt To Medically Transition His Child (11)

on October 5, 2022 by

The father has been instructed by the court to call his child by a new, chosen name, new preferred pronouns, and to…


Trans Doctors Preyed Upon The Most Vulnerable…Her Story

on October 4, 2022 by

There’s how many mental health disorders that make you hate your body, and the solution isn’t to change your body, it’s to…


To ‘Rehome’ Gay Kids Who Hate Their Parents

on October 3, 2022 by

Pro-Trans Group Behind Virginia School Walkout Plans To ‘Rehome’ Gay Kids Who Hate Their Parents


Breast Binding: The Painful Truth

on October 1, 2022 by

The best research data we have is “The Binding Health Project”. This was an online survey of 1800 chest-binding females and was…


Afghan Man, Brought To U.S. Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Boy (12)

on October 1, 2022 by

Thousands were allowed to enter the U.S. without proper vetting and hundreds pose a national security risk


What’s Hot

on September 24, 2022 by

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television, and movies

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Inflation: Average American Needs Annual Wage Increase Of $11,500

on September 23, 2022 by

Even if inflation slows in coming months, Americans will have to spend thousands more in 2022.

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2017-01-03 20:04:39Z | |]rÿ‡–³×a

Why Are American Teenagers So Sad And Anxious?

on September 21, 2022 by

The effects of social media and the evolution of parenting

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COVID Relief Funds Paid For ‘Woke,’ CRT lessons In Public Schools

on September 19, 2022 by

Some states are spending taxpayer dollars to push progressive left causes

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Virginia Governor Seeks New Transgender Student Policies

on September 19, 2022 by

That would roll back some accommodations and tighten parental notification requirements

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Book: Communicating To Middle Schoolers

on September 19, 2022 by

A Guide to Developing and Delivering Messages That Stick

Close up of three college friends standing in the street with arms around each other. Cheerful boys and a girl wearing college bags having fun walking outdoors.

Words teenagers want to hear as they go back to school

on September 17, 2022 by

Mostly out of love and good intentions, we parents offer support in ways that our teenagers experience as stress because our support…

Teenage school friends fun smile

Teaching Students About Sanctification

on September 15, 2022 by

Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension is the inheritance given to Christians, and the Spirit is the guarantee of our place with…

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Anglican Conference In Conflict Over Same-Sex Marriage

on September 14, 2022 by

What is the possible significance for the Anglican communion?

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U.S. Household Wealth Suffers Record Drop By A Record $6.1 trillion

on September 13, 2022 by

Household debt growth also slowed to a 7.4% annual rate from 8.3% in the first three months of the year

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Parent Ministry For The New School Year

on September 13, 2022 by

Help equip you with resources to share with parents for any upcoming Fall Kickoff or Back-to-School


Middle School Student Brings Fentanyl To Campus…Staff Overdosed

on September 12, 2022 by

Staff Member Who Searched Him Overdosed From Exposure

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Walt Muller: Priorities, Practices And Mulligan’s In Youthministry

on September 9, 2022 by

Effectively leading and discipling them into a lifetime of vital Christian faith

Smiling father talking to son near pool side

Communication Is Key With Your Kids

on September 9, 2022 by

Talking with your teen about high school helps them open up about big (and little) things in their lives


Book: The Anxious Teen

on September 8, 2022 by

Ministry With Stressed And Fearful Students

Mother and son having breakfast together in the morning

Kids Who Eat Healthy Breakfasts Have Better Psychosocial Health

on September 7, 2022 by

Skipping Breakfast May Increase Chance of Kids and Teens Developing Psychosocial Health Problems

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At-risk Youth Are Learning To Stand Strong During Fentanyl Crisis

on September 5, 2022 by

Teenagers in the U.S. are gaining the skills they need to prevent them from falling prey to the cartels that are targeting…


Private School Director Touts ‘Sneaking’ In Her Political ‘Agenda’

on September 5, 2022 by

“I don’t hide how I feel, but I can’t pretend I’m promoting an agenda even though I clearly am with all…

Bored Male Teenage Pupil In Classroom Looking At Camera Leaning On Arm

School Closures, Protocols Caused Largest Learning Loss In 30 Years

on September 2, 2022 by

“strong-armed” the (CDC) and school districts to “keep schools closed,” “passed resolutions affirming , and radical gender theory,” and is…


DEA Warns Of Brightly-Colored Fentanyl Used To Target Young Americans

on September 1, 2022 by

stop the trafficking of rainbow fentanyl and defeat the Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for the vast majority of the fentanyl…

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More People Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes

on August 31, 2022 by

16% of Americans in a new Gallup poll reported smoking marijuana, up from 12 percent last year and more than double the…

High school senior Mike Dorsch, of Howard county, walks through the library while on a tour of St. Mary's college with prospective enrollment in the balance on November, 01, 2013 in St. Mary's, MD.
(Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Conservative Students Are 300 Times More Likely To Self-Censor

on August 30, 2022 by

Only 7% of liberal students were concerned about how their professor’s ideology would affect their grades while that rate is 6 times…

Girl in white full of doubts and hesitation. Girl solving a problem.

Book: 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager

on August 29, 2022 by

Making the Most of Your Conversations and Connections

Teen girl beach talk

Recruiting A Team Of Amazing Volunteers

on August 28, 2022 by

A great team of volunteers is the lifeblood of any healthy ministry environment

Teen concert youth group

Seeking To Reach Gen Z In The Current Climate Of Our Teenagers

on August 28, 2022 by

Are students interested in what’s being offered at church anymore?

group cell Phones

What We Get Wrong About Teens And Screens

on August 26, 2022 by

Teenagers actually want to talk about their tech struggles. But parents and guardians need new talking points.


What’s Hot?

on August 25, 2022 by

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television, and movies

Family parent mom

4 Ideas For Connecting With Parents

on August 24, 2022 by

As the launch of a new school year approaches, remember to include on your calendar some strategic touchpoints with parents

Girl youth leader

If You Miss Youth, You Miss The Movement!

on August 23, 2022 by

Youth leaders don’t just entertain teens, train them! Equip them to grow deep in their faith and go wide with the Gospel

Close up of three college friends standing in the street with arms around each other. Cheerful boys and a girl wearing college bags having fun walking outdoors.

Growing A Gospel Culture In Youth Ministry

on August 22, 2022 by

If we proclaim the gospel but demand perfection and excellence from one another, then the way we’re treating people contradicts the “imperfect…


5 Steps For Welcoming Families With Special Needs

on August 20, 2022 by

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Y youth group worship music

Programming From Street To Seat In Your Ministry

on August 19, 2022 by

Where do you start when putting youth services together?

Fla Ron

Sex Changes For Minors Ok, But No Tattoo

on August 18, 2022 by

A 14-year-old cannot get a tattoo, but somehow …. they will do mastectomies, they will do stuff at the bottom which is…

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Use Your Gifts To Serve And Make A Difference

on August 16, 2022 by

Use Your Gifts to Serve and Make a Difference By the time you begin thinking about finishing well, you have finally become…

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Helping Students Transition From Children’s Ministry To Youth Group

on August 14, 2022 by

Create some systems that help students know they belong in youth ministry. Consider a “welcome home” night

computer college

Stop Telling Conservative Teens To Not Go To College

on August 14, 2022 by

Leaving universities firmly in the hands of the enemy while young conservatives reduce their chances of achieving the American dream is not…


Planned Parenthood Aids Sex Traffickers

on August 13, 2022 by

They are the second most frequented “treatment facility” after the ER. Out of 107 sex trafficking survivors, 55% had at least 1…