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Nothing Says Stability As A Grandparent

on September 17, 2015 by

What are the four areas in which youth succeed when this important relationship is strong?

Getting Your Elementary Aged Child To To...

on September 16, 2015 by

4 Tips To Actually Getting Them To Want To Listen To What You Say

Internet Safety: Discover 5 Ways To Make...

on September 15, 2015 by

Common Sense Media

Kids Are Blunt When They Talk About Why...

on August 31, 2015 by

“Don’t get a divorce. It’s really hard on the kids. They don’t understand what is happening.”

5 Things You’ll Never Regret

on August 24, 2015 by

by Carey Nieuwhof

Parents Who Overvalue Kids May Be...

on August 23, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Study: Child Care Doesn’t Make...

on August 21, 2015 by

Study, which includes the parents of 939 children, focused on the time spent in nurseries at ages six months, one, two, three…

Why Pushing Kids To Learn Too Much Too...

on August 20, 2015 by

The nationwide push to teach children increasingly more complex concepts at earlier ages is likely counterproductive

Flashback: A Cell Phone Contract To Help...

on August 14, 2015 by

This cell phone contract emerged from the research we conducted..Making Your House a Hub of Faith

Man And Daughter Pretend To Be Homeless,...

on August 11, 2015 by

Sometimes those who have less, are the ones who…

Study Reveals Parents Often Misgauge How...

on August 8, 2015 by

Parents assume their young kids are happy and their teenagers are sad. They’re wrong.

Looks Like Some Kids Are Using Makeup...

on August 6, 2015 by

Applying makeup has shifted from a teenage rite of passage…in a selfie-obsessed culture

Book: It’s Just A Phase So Don’t...

on August 5, 2015 by

So leaders and parents can connect God’s love and forgiveness to the heart of the next generation

“Restuarants Targeting Tweens For...

on July 28, 2015 by

Restaurants are going all out to attract Tweens. What are our churches doing specifically for them

Uk: Teens Are Less Likely To Have Smoked...

on July 25, 2015 by

The annual Health and Social Care Information Centre survey of 6,000 pupils aged 11 to 15

Key to a Kid’s Success

on June 27, 2015 by

Emotional Intelligence?

Sex Ed, Sex Shops and Small Fry

on June 8, 2015 by

The Progressive Solution to Properly Developing Our Children

More Research Finds Helicopter Parenting...

on June 6, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

9 Children’s Ministry People To Follow...

on May 29, 2015 by

Are you missing out on the great content from ministry leaders

5 Volunteers You May Be Missing

on May 29, 2015 by

behind-the-scenes, indispensable ministry roles you may never have thought of for your children’s ministry

Parenting Teenagers Part 4: Owning Their...

on May 25, 2015 by

by Sandra Stanley

20 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up...

on May 21, 2015 by

Here’s real tweets from dads and moms that describe parenting

Siblings Shut Down School Bus Bully With...

on May 20, 2015 by

Pastor-Dad of second-graders describes how his kids stopped harassment

Bedtime-Story Privilege?

on May 8, 2015 by

Professor: If You Read To Your Kids, You’re ‘Unfairly Disadvantaging’ Others

Fathers Have Big Influence On Teens&...

on May 7, 2015 by

Nearly 4,000 boys and girls answered questionnaires about their own drinking

3 Questions All Parents With Young...

on May 6, 2015 by

A few important questions to help guide you on the journey of raising kids

Obama Discourages ‘Lazy’ Kids From...

on May 1, 2015 by

“Particularly for the young ladies here, I want you guys to make sure that you look at math and science,”

Short-Sighted Children Blamed On Indoor...

on April 24, 2015 by

Sedentary lifestyles are bad for the eyes as well as the waistline

Kid Rips Up Allowance After His Mom...

on April 21, 2015 by

What would your reaction be?

Love Thyself? Coddling Parents May Make...

on April 20, 2015 by

A new study links narcissism and self-esteem to parents’ treatment of their children

Can A Kayak Help You Be A Better Parent?

on April 19, 2015 by

Don’t wait to connect w your kids later. Imagine the end, and start connecting now!

Helicopter Parents Ruin Massive Easter...

on April 12, 2015 by

Chaos unfolds, kids sob

Family Stress Linked To Adolescent...

on April 11, 2015 by

There is a relationship between long-term exposure to three specific types of family stressors and children becoming obese by the time they…

Flashback: Raising Adults

on April 10, 2015 by

by Reggie Joiner

Learning To Love Our Bodies

on April 9, 2015 by

I have a pre-teen daughter. She doesn’t think she is beautiful and it breaks my heart

Study Reveals Shocking Effect Of Poverty...

on April 2, 2015 by

The researchers studied nearly 1,100 individuals between the ages of 3 and 20,

Making Time For Kids?

on April 2, 2015 by

Study says quality trumps quantity

Bill Banning Smoking In Car With Kids...

on April 1, 2015 by

…illegal for anyone in a car with a child under 13 present to smoke tobacco products

Kid’s Choice Winner Angelina Jolie...

on March 31, 2015 by

Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud

India WAVE Conference Day 1

on March 15, 2015 by

V2H and The Youth Culture Report Ministries

Why I’m A Big Fan Of Kid Boredom!

on February 20, 2015 by

“Plugged-In” Generation can’t stand boredom. Maybe it’s because we might be doing too much…

Same-Sex Households Reveals Kids Do Best...

on February 18, 2015 by

Appears to be the largest yet on the matter of same-sex households and children’s emotional outcomes

Churches Oppose Three-Person Baby Plan

on February 4, 2015 by

The ethics of the issue should be properly discussed before a decision was made

Incredibly Popular App With Kids That...

on February 3, 2015 by

There are lots of trolls and creeps that comment

Turn Kids’ Artwork Into Custom Photo...

on January 30, 2015 by

Soon, friends of hers were asking if she’d make them a book, too, for their own kids’ art, and the small business…

What Preschoolers Need Most From Their...

on January 28, 2015 by

…and a few things they don’t need

Teens Losing Zzzs

on January 15, 2015 by

The Effects of Their Sleep-Deprivation Lasts Way Past Lunch

Why These Young Boys Were Asked To Slap...

on January 15, 2015 by

Eye-opening video showing how children respond to violence against women

The Lost Practice Of Catechisms For...

on January 7, 2015 by

…they would be memorized and used for Christian growth and training

New City Catechism For Kids

on January 7, 2015 by

A joint adult and children’s catechism consisting of 52 questions and answers adapted by Timothy Keller


on January 6, 2015 by

Renewing Our Culture

Needlepoint Will Be 2015’s Big...

on January 1, 2015 by

Great Kids Ministry Activity

7 Social Media Trends Your Children&...

on December 25, 2014 by

Here’s some recent trends that will help your children’s ministry stay current in the world of social media

Merry Christmas: Expectancy

on December 21, 2014 by

George Lockhart

Trendy Shoes Use GPS So Parents Can Keep...

on December 9, 2014 by

For parents, the app doubles as a social network where they can communicate with other parents and share tips on how to…

Here’s How One Clever 7-Year-Old...

on December 3, 2014 by

Green, a cryptography and computer security professor at Johns Hopkins University, woke up early Tuesday morning to his son…

Find the Critic’s Kernel of Truth

on December 2, 2014 by

Axioms For Children’s Ministry

In Life And Death…Give Thanks

on December 1, 2014 by

We are called to give thanks in all situations but I am struggling to give thanks to God in the face of…

If I’m Good, Will God Love Me More?

on December 1, 2014 by

God’s love isn’t performance based

EU Study Reveals Children’s Risks...

on November 29, 2014 by

They have been studying the online behaviour of children aged 9-16 since 2006…children are now more likely to be exposed to

UK: School Lambasts ‘Snowplough&...

on November 29, 2014 by

“snowplough” parents are so over-protective of their offspring that the children end up unable to deal with failure

In Life And Death…Give Thanks

on November 27, 2014 by

In Life And Death…Give Thanks


“The boat is on fire!!  Do you see it?” That is what I told my wife as we…

Girls Get ‘Normal’ Barbie With Acne...

on November 23, 2014 by

“She looks like my sister,”

Atheist Scientist Claims Religion Will...

on November 10, 2014 by

So if we can plant the seeds of doubt in our children, religion will go away in a generation, or at least…

A New Bible app For Your Kids

on October 2, 2014 by

This app is fantastic it is engaging for kids of all ages and it not only allows them to read but does a fantastic job of using visuals to even engage kids who are not the best readers

UK: Trojan Horse 2 Islamist School...

on September 29, 2014 by

A new wave of British schools are thought to have fallen victim to Islamist extremists

What We Must Capitalize On in ...

on September 24, 2014 by

Gen Z “They don’t just represent the future, they are creating it.”

Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids?

on September 23, 2014 by

Is the gospel our central theme, or is it a “PS” tacked onto the end? With a So be good like…

Children’s Book Shares Transgender...

on September 22, 2014 by

“I am Jazz” chronicles the life of 14-year-old Jazz Jennings, who was born as a boy, but knew she was a girl…

Helping Children Deal With Tragedy

on September 17, 2014 by

By Greg Baird

5 Things Church Leadership Should Expect...

on September 17, 2014 by

As leaders in Ministry, we are typically focused on our department. But, there’s a bigger picture that we work within

Beyond Millennials: How to Reach...

on September 5, 2014 by


Cost Of Educating New Class Of Illegal...

on September 3, 2014 by

A new report puts the price of educating the thousands of illegal immigrant children who recently crossed into the U.S

How Does Divorce Really Affect Kids?

on September 2, 2014 by

Most parents who divorce are in denial about how it affects their kids

Study: Parental Incarceration May Be...

on August 31, 2014 by

Black children with fathers without a high school diploma, 50% parental incarceration by 14, compared to 7% of white children

Screen Time Makes Tweens Clueless on...

on August 28, 2014 by

Children and teenagers spend more than seven and a half hours a day using smartphones, computers, televisions and other electronic screens

Today’s Lesson: Girls Rule, Boys Drool

on August 25, 2014 by

When we sanction messages like “Girls Rule. Boys Drool.” we affirm a false message about what it means to be made in…

“Baby Got Class!”

on August 22, 2014 by

Hilarious Video On Starting A New School Year

Trial Of Texas Father Accused Of...

on August 18, 2014 by

The Trial raises legal, moral issues

82% Of Children Repeating Sexualised...

on August 17, 2014 by

Some children aged five or younger know the context of the song lyrics they’re singing….

9-Year-Old Boy Is Stabbed To Death On...

on August 7, 2014 by

911…”Hi, I just stabbed someone, please pick me up and come kill me, I want to end my life.” …nobody loves me

9 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

on August 1, 2014 by

The Scary Truth and Why It’s Dangerous

Why Is Children’s Ministry So Hard?

on July 27, 2014 by

So should all of this discourage us? Not at all…

Four-Year-Old Banned From Donut Shop

on July 25, 2014 by

Kid asked a customer if she was pregnant

3 Pillars of Children’s Ministry

on July 24, 2014 by

Setting the spiritual foundation for children

Flashback: 15 Sites and Apps Kids Are...

on July 23, 2014 by

Why it’s popular and what parents need to know

Flashback: 9 Things We Should Get Rid of...

on July 18, 2014 by

I realized I was more than half the problem in this whole entitlement parenting challenge …wake up call

Children Reared by ‘Mom and Dad&...

on July 16, 2014 by

New parenting study questions politically correct view that kids raised by homosexuals exhibit ‘no differences.’

Schools a haven for many unaccompanied...

on July 16, 2014 by

Yahoo News

Mexican police find hundreds, mainly...

on July 16, 2014 by

Yahoo News

16-Year-Old Girl Says Her Rape Went...

on July 10, 2014 by

In a way, it’s as though Jada’s been assaulted twice, both inside the house and online

Boy Skips Church, Father Charged With...

on July 5, 2014 by

He assumed the boy had gotten on the church bus with his four siblings when it pulled up at their house

Chronic Childhood Stress Leaves Lasting...

on July 4, 2014 by

“Just because it’s in the brain doesn’t mean it’s destiny,”

‘Sextortion’ Is An Online &...

on July 3, 2014 by

The number of complaints of online enticement of children is climbing.

Birthday Cupcake Killer

on July 1, 2014 by

The federal rule applies only to food sold to students, not given away. They took it a step further at birthday celebrations

Flashback: Tweens and the Effects of...

on June 25, 2014 by

Tips for parents and church workers accommodating tweens

“When Should I Allow My Children...

on June 23, 2014 by

Adam McLane

One Simple Secret For Getting Teens To...

on June 19, 2014 by

Parents should not…

Michigan 14-Year-Old Begins 40-Mile Trek...

on June 8, 2014 by

The trek’s goal is to raise awareness for the muscle disorder and to grab the attention of doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs and…

Quite Possibly The Best Letter From...

on June 6, 2014 by

Last year, my eight year-old son went to summer camp…I’d wait for the mailman, hoping for just one letter