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Girls Fight Back Against Gender Bias In...

on January 7, 2016 by

Speak professionalism. When kids are told to be ‘modest,’ we are sexualizing their wardrobes, don’t “Shame”

Flashback: Principal Lectures Teen Girls...

on January 7, 2016 by

‘I Need to Control My Eyes as Well’

Former Social Media Star Essena O’...

on January 5, 2016 by

Plans to get a job…write a book on ‘how to be social media famous’

94% Of Teen Girls Admit They Have Been...

on January 5, 2016 by

A mom who was not self-critical of her own weight made them nearly 40% more likely to be body positive

Powerful Video Response To Cyberbullying

on January 1, 2016 by

Girl Creates Powerful Video Message After Friend Falls Victim to Cyberbullying

Kylie Jenner Just Restocked Her Lip Kits...

on December 25, 2015 by

She is still capitalizing on the idea that beauty goodies can give you a rather plump pout

Plastic Surgeon Says Kylie Jenner Led To...

on December 25, 2015 by

I started getting a lot of requests from 17-year-old girls, 18-year-old girls, really young girls

That Gifted Teenage Girl

on December 17, 2015 by

This season, I’m want to give my family more gifts of freedom and encouragement

Leneita Fix: “Christmas, Girls, &...

on December 14, 2015 by

“You’re so lucky, you can see you’re ribs. I wish that I could.”

Girls Aren’t Meaner Than Boys….

on December 11, 2015 by

It only looks that way

Teens Not As Good At Multitasking As...

on December 9, 2015 by

Parents and educators might need to take such difference into account when setting up tasks for their children or students

6 Questions To Ask Every Time You Post

on December 7, 2015 by

Before you post on social media, ask yourself these six questions

I’m Addicted

on December 6, 2015 by

The drug is ac…

Critics Say Retailer Is Sending Wrong...

on December 2, 2015 by

Company under fire for selling sweater emblazoned with ‘slut’

Inside The Mind Of A Teenage Girl – I...

on December 1, 2015 by

I am older now, graduated and I often think that now I am older, surely I should get over these issues that…

Teens (girls) Who Weigh Themselves Have...

on November 30, 2015 by

Weighing yourself frequently is linked to some negative health effects in teens, especially for girls

Teen Girls Who Weigh-In Too Frequently...

on November 16, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

High School Principal Lectures Teen...

on November 16, 2015 by

“I’m coming at this from a biblical and Christian perspective,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “In Timothy 2, Verse 9, it says

Dark Lessons Of Social Media

on November 16, 2015 by

These five teens can thank the model who left Instagram for lessons on the dark side of social media

Teens And Sexting

on November 9, 2015 by

Walt Mueller

More: Instagram Teen Star…

on November 4, 2015 by

Be aware what people promote, ask yourself, what’s their intention behind the photo?

What’s The Right Age For Teens To...

on October 30, 2015 by

Who start dating between the ages of 11-and-a-half and 13 may experience more academic and behavioral problems

Moms Outraged Over Sexy Costumes For...

on October 23, 2015 by

Generally speaking, real life uniformed female police officers do not wear short skirts and low cut shirts

Target Pulls Star Wars Sexist T-Shirt

on October 23, 2015 by

Graphic tee replaced Princess Leia with Luke Skywalker

The Lamar Odom Situation Should Wake Us...

on October 20, 2015 by

“They drank, got high, and watched porn; their wealth didn’t buy happiness, but only offered more extravagant opportunities to clamor for fulfillment”

Student Wore A Minion Dress To Her...

on October 19, 2015 by

If she received 15,000 retweets Daisy promised to wear a “minion costume tutu dress” to the dance

Facebook Or Fakebook?

on October 16, 2015 by

(76%) said they judged their peers based on what they saw on their Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook profiles

Early Maturing Girls At-Risk For Alcohol...

on October 3, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

“Brutal Truth Behind Every...

on September 30, 2015 by

jr High Uth Guy

Flashback: L.A. Schools Want Kids To...

on September 29, 2015 by

The consequences of sexting – public humiliation, loss of educational and job opportunities, possible criminal violations

When Does Teen Sexting Become Child Porn...

on September 29, 2015 by

In N.C. 2 teens were accused of being both the victims of child pornography and the perpetrators of the crime

Flashback: How Girls Are Seeking (and...

on September 27, 2015 by

From selfies to shout-outs, girls are using social media both to build up and break down their self-image

Flashback: 3 Sexting Dangers You Need To...

on September 25, 2015 by

If you work with students on campus, or in a church, it is so important to get this message across

Majority Of Minors Engage In Sexting,...

on September 25, 2015 by

More than half of respondents (54%) reported sexting as minors. However, only 28 percent sent photographic sexts

What A Massive Sexual Assault Survey...

on September 24, 2015 by

27 Universities…drawing responses from more than 150,000 students

Survey: 1 in 4 College Women Report...

on September 24, 2015 by

A quarter of undergraduate women surveyed at more than two dozen universities say they experienced unwanted sexual contact sometime during college

Flashback: The Dangers Of Social Media ...

on September 23, 2015 by

Parents Set Up Their Daughters With a Fake Predator…clip now has over 38 million views

Modesty Advice To Young Woman

on September 22, 2015 by

Jenna Lee Explains Her Response to Conan O’Brien’s ‘Porn Star’ Joke

FREE…Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie...

on September 21, 2015 by

Gone are the days of eating a delicious B-fast and all your friends not knowing about it

Body Image Affects Weight Gain In Teen...

on September 19, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Teen Saves Man Whose Wheelchair Was...

on September 18, 2015 by

She pulled a 75-year-old man moments before a train barreled through at over 80 miles per hour, police said

Why We Need Demanding Young Females

on September 16, 2015 by

By Walt Mueller

What Girls Should Demand

on September 16, 2015 by

It goes against everything society is telling you to do. It will make you feel redeemed and will help you see…

Parents To Kids: Your Selfies Aren’t...

on September 14, 2015 by

Parents recreate daughter’s ridiculous selfies because parents are embarrassing that way

Family Posts Video Of Teen’s Brain...

on September 11, 2015 by

Brave teen left in wheelchair after taking ecstasy says: “This is what a tiny pill can do to you”

UK: ‘Sexual Consent Workshops’ In...

on September 10, 2015 by

Said they have experienced verbal or non-verbal harassment, including groping, flashing and unwanted sexual comments

Scarlett Johansson And The Liberation Of...

on September 10, 2015 by

By Walt Mueller

Dad Padlocks Daughter’s Closet...

on September 9, 2015 by

8th grader racked up $541 in charges…majority of data usage on instagram posts

The Scarlett Letter –To Girls

on September 9, 2015 by

We may not change the culture but we can help a few students in our school, church, or community

Girl’s Sexual Orientation May Be...

on September 2, 2015 by

The study suggests that women who are rated as less attractive may feel less pressure from straight norms and so are free…

The Uphill Battle Of Being A Girl

on August 31, 2015 by

The Uphill Battle of Being a Girl

Teen Sexual Double Standard Impacts...

on August 29, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Mother Lets Daughter STRIP To Fund...

on August 28, 2015 by

to look like Katie Price

Teenage Girl Takes Her Senior Portraits...

on August 26, 2015 by

This Girl’s Senior Photos At Taco Bell Are A Work Of Art

High School Softball Player’s...

on August 26, 2015 by

Reaching over 6 millions views

Aerie’s “Wholesome Bras For Teens....

on August 21, 2015 by

Aerie’s strategic avoidance of hyper-sexualization appears to be paying off with teen girls as well as their parents

Flashback: Are You Jealous Of My ...

on August 20, 2015 by

A simple photo scavenger hunt become a filtering, self-analyzing, obsession-with-perfection photoshoot?

Flashback: “Scary Facts About The...

on August 20, 2015 by

It’s The One Night Stand Locator

Hailee Steinfeld: Love Myself Music...

on August 17, 2015 by

Her self-love empowerment anthem. #1 most added song at top forty radio in the USA today

Book Review: I Am Not A Slut

on August 12, 2015 by

Required reading..It’s an eye-opening look into the murky world of teenage sex, especially how girls are perceived

The Hidden Consequences of Porn

on August 12, 2015 by

Research shows again and again the detrimental effects of porn on various aspects of people’s lives

The Dangers Of Social Media (Child...

on August 12, 2015 by

Parents Set Up Their Children With a Fake Predator

Flashback: Taylor Got Clothes For ‘Bad...

on August 11, 2015 by

Taylor Swift Got Clothes For ‘Bad Blood’ From LA Sex Shop

Cyberbullying On Rise, Particularly For...

on August 7, 2015 by

A study of more than 16,000 Boston-area high school students

Looks Like Some Kids Are Using Makeup...

on August 6, 2015 by

Applying makeup has shifted from a teenage rite of passage…in a selfie-obsessed culture

UK School Bans ‘Distracting’...

on July 31, 2015 by

It’s been an increasing problem over the past two years, especially with the older pupils

Study : Teen Use Of The Morning-After...

on July 24, 2015 by

More than 1 in 5 sexually active teen girls have used the morning-after pill..Drop from 1 in 12

Teen Anal Sex Study Reveals Climate Of &...

on July 8, 2015 by

Main reason also…boys “wanted to copy what they saw in pornography and that ‘it’s tighter’”

Schools Implant IUDs in 6th Grade Girls...

on July 4, 2015 by

Students can’t get a Coca-Cola or a candy bar…but they can get a (IUD) implanted without their parents’ consent

Strippers Wanted: ‘Now Auditioning the...

on June 7, 2015 by

Ad Targets Women Fresh Out of High School for Employment

Troubled Boys, Girls Have Sex Earlier

on June 7, 2015 by

Unruly and aggressive from a young age were found to be more likely to start having sex before age 16

Taylor Swift Concert Bracelets End Up...

on June 4, 2015 by

“You could smell the gas and smoke,” A woman told the girls she saw the lights and knew someone was in trouble.

Dad Charged $7,800 After He Finally...

on June 4, 2015 by

“I’m his only daughter,” she says. “Having that father figure really helps me boost my confidence.”

1 In 5 Women Are Sexually Assaulted...

on May 31, 2015 by

The researchers say the results show rape among young women has reached epidemic levels

New Documentary Shows How Porn Companies...

on May 30, 2015 by

Documentary points out that more people visit porn sites in a month than Netflix, Twitter and Amazon combined

‘Sexual distraction’: Canada Teen...

on May 25, 2015 by

A boy get distracted by my upper back and shoulders, then he needs to be sent home and practice self-control

“DC Super Hero Girls Coming Soon&...

on May 25, 2015 by

A New Super Hero Universe Designed Just For Girls, Slated For Fall 2015

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Continues to Drop

on May 24, 2015 by

Jim Liebelt

Kesha Talks Managing Eating Disorder In ...

on May 20, 2015 by

I don’t pay attention to the Internet or bloggers. I surround myself with positive people

Girl Scouts Now Allowing Cross-Dressing...

on May 20, 2015 by

Caving to pressure from gay rights organizations, the organization has decided to change their policies and allow boys who “identify as girls”

“The American Heritage Girls a Christ...

on May 20, 2015 by

The group’s growth seems to be growing along with the more secularized nature of the Girl Scouts

The Rise Of Social Network Dysmorphia

on May 20, 2015 by

It’s a dysmorphia of social impact that is not only unreal, or false – but also harmful. No one cares as much…

Too Revealing For Prom?

on May 19, 2015 by

Teen, 16, asked to leave dance over specially-designed Kendall Jenner style dress with thigh-high slits

Cocaine Parenting

on May 14, 2015 by

Report: Parents Bribed Their Teens Girls aged 13 and 15, With Cocaine to Get Them to Do…

‘Ultimate Selfie’

on May 13, 2015 by

Teenager dies being electrocuted as she tries to take ‘ultimate selfie’ on top of a TRAIN

Flashback: That Day I Wore Yoga Pants

on May 10, 2015 by

The issue of modesty gets heated…

‘Red Zone’ Highlights...

on May 8, 2015 by

That danger is a higher susceptibility to sexual assault, according to studies

Security Issues With Smartphones…...

on May 8, 2015 by

Video: Middle-Schooler Fights Off Sexual Predator in Her Own Home

Obama Discourages ‘Lazy’ Kids From...

on May 1, 2015 by

“Particularly for the young ladies here, I want you guys to make sure that you look at math and science,”

Girl Hostages Rescued From Boko Haram

on April 30, 2015 by

The girls freed were not the Chibok girls from the Bring Back Our Girls campaign”There are thousands more who have been abducted…

Chrissy Teigen Hates Photoshop apps&...

on April 27, 2015 by

‘We forgot what normal people look like’

Beth Moore Says, “Keep Your Breasts to...

on April 26, 2015 by

She discusses mean girls, flirts, and how to exude modestly in a sex-obsessed world

Disturbing New ‘Kylie Jenner...

on April 21, 2015 by

Teens suck shot glasses to blow up their lips to double their size… with disastrous results

Shocking Toll Of Social Media On Girls&...

on April 20, 2015 by

How sexualised images are fuelling rise in anxiety among pupils aged 11 to 13

How Can I Get My Teen To STOP Relying On...

on April 17, 2015 by

She’s placing too much value on what her peers think of her..especially for her self-identity?

50 Schoolgirls Kidnapped By Boko Haram...

on April 14, 2015 by

Despite international pleas for their return, the girls have never been traced, and little has been heard of them since they were…

See What Women Do When They Have to...

on April 14, 2015 by

Dove’s latest campaign hopes to boost body image, but is requiring ladies to choose a label the solution?

Naked Spring Break Photo Girl Tells...

on April 13, 2015 by

Photos of her, enclosed in a group of raucous male party-goers, has left authorities fearing for her life

Book: More Than Just the Talk

on April 9, 2015 by

Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex

How being Stubborn, Depressed, And...

on April 9, 2015 by

A MUST read for every teenage girl…the intent to help teens feel less alone in this world