Bold Parenting: Book Review

Bold Parenting: Book Review By Mike Liebler

Lars’ goal is to help parents focus on the meaning of “bold” faith and
reevaluate their cultural priorities in order to pass on life-
sustaining faith to their children. “Our own faith journey is probably
the most important thing that needs to be worked out in order for us to
pass on bold faith to our children.” Despite being a veteran in youth
ministry and a parent, he is willing to be honest and transparent about
his own personal faith and parenting weaknesses. His book is a guide
for parents who need to know they are not alone in this faith journey.

If I were to boil the book down to one word it would be modeling.
Lars writes about the importance of parents modeling faith to their
children. He also discusses the negative impact of poorly modeled
faith. Unlike bold faith “living for and with Jesus,” parents teach
moralism devoid of the gospel and a God who is not viewed as
omnipresent and omniscient.

His second section covers encouraging children to take steps of
faith boldly. Parents must believe and act upon a true and living God
taking steps of faith boldly before the eyes and ears of their
children. Next, Lars provides practical tips to help children
experience and express their faith and provide opportunities to help
them own their faith.

Most parents do not have the time to read all the latest studies
and books on developing faith of adolescents and children. Dr. Lars
Rood has done the heavy work for parents. He understands the issues
hindering children from having bold faith and provides parents and
youth workers with practical solutions for encouraging bold faith in
the next generation.

Michael A. Liebler President of The Youth Culture Report